She just laughed and said, "You're so funny.".

9:32 pm, December 5, 2004

Get a little high
Get a little drunk
Get a little crunk

It all started with some Vodka and Coca Cola while watching "Night of the Living Dead." Here's the deal. It's a black and white movie that I got while shopping with Mario at the Dollar section of Target in Northgate. DVDs for a dollar, bonus. Now, since it's black and white, you know it's an old movie. And, get this, it stars a black man as the leading man. AND, he's barking orders to white men, slapping around hysterical white women, AND he isn't lynched or even called "Boy." You get to the end of the movie, and everyone's dead from zombies, except the black man! Who would've thought that a black man could be the only survivor in a "horror" movie? But, it's not to be, as the zombie killers mistakenly think HE'S a zombie and shoot him in the head. Sorry I ruined the ending.

From there, it was on to the Steel Reserve 24 ouncer. And then the 40's. Almost made it through the two of them, and I would have too! If it weren't for you meddling kids and that GANJ.

Yep, not only did I break my sobriety, I broke my . . . weed sobriety. You know, in reference to my last post, weed DOES make the Radiohead animation a lot more compelling.

From there, it's just a LITTLE hazy. I think I talked to some people online; I'm pretty sure inappropriate commentary was sprouting via my fingers.

Drunken betting's always fun. $2 bet with Kon. Some guy on Arizona with the last name Croom had a better stats day than Santana Moss from the Jets, so I'm out that. However, I chastized Jake for playing Ontario Smith (a Minnesota running back; Matt, you can relate here) over Drew Bennett. Made a 1 dollar bet on that. And what did Drew Bennett do? 3 catches, 124 yards, 3 touchdowns. We did double or nothing on that one that said Ontario Smith wouldn't beat that one performance with this week's and next week's performance. So, we'll see. For Kon, it's 2 bucks, for me, it'll be a wash.

Oh boy, it's 9:30 in the pm. You know what that means!

I'm a big smelly Douchekin-Robbins 31 Flavors, henceforth sleeping until the stroke (huh huh, he said "stroke") of 5am.

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