Here's what's wrong with the Democrats..

7:24 am, December 11, 2004

They think they're so much better than everyone else. That's a given. The problem is that no one actually buys it.

See, the Republicans are bad for the poor. The Democrats, in contrast, are good (but they ain't THAT good). The thing is, people believe that the Republicans are good for the poor because A) they're stupid and gullible and B) the Republicans do nothing but reinforce their message. See, the Republicans already have the elite in their pocket, so there's no sense in reaching out to that group except when they need more money for fucking over their opponents. So, with that solid base, that solid quarter of the country, the Republicans take all their efforts and throw it in the economically inept stew. The rural, the South. Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses.

Meanwhile, the Democrats KNOW they're all about helping the huddled masses. And they flaunt this at every turn. See, these people, these fucking masses, they see this and they see a bunch of braggards.

You mean, you're telling us to vote for you just because you SAY you're better for us than the other guys? What kind of shit is that? These people here, they're saying we're gonna get tax cuts. 300 bucks, beeotch. What are YOU offering? No, no, see, don't fucking talk to me about the top 1%. See, you're not getting it. Tell us what YOU'RE gonna do for us!

And then the Democrats say, "We're going to increase taxes on the rich."

And here's what the huddled masses hear, "We're going to increase taxes."

See, and the Democrats could've had the corporations in their pocket, but that would've required a shift in policy. A little less on environmental protection (as if that was much of a fucking priority during the Clinton administration any fucking way. Dickless liars throw that into their agenda just like Guy Richie throws in Brad Pitt into the film "Snatch." It's all about attracting the youth with a relatable face. However, unlike Guy Richie, the Democrats go right on ignoring the fucking environment once they're in power), a little more on tax breaks for the corporations (huh huh, I just said moron).

Back in the 70's and 80's, when the Democrats owned Congress. It looked like the Republicans had the White House and not much else. A nice figurehead over a Democratic nation. As corporations started gaining power in the coming decades, they aligned with the Republicans because that was a desperate party. And that's how it happens, as the corporations gain power and influence, the Republicans gain in monetary contributions and political clout.

Of course, the Democrats see this happening all the while, but what do they do? Ignore the problem and hopefully it'll go away. Obviously, the people will see the blatant corruption right in front of their faces and not stand for it.

Don't underestimate the value of a good public relations attack. Don't over-estimate the level of public intelligence.

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