5:17 pm, December 21, 2004

So, today was my work's Christmas Pot Luck party. I had my dad make brownies and, I'm not gonna lie to you, I got quite the number of marriage proposals from middle-aged, overweight married women. Once again, I am the Christmas King. Not only do I bring the food that's snapped up the fastest, but I buy the White Elephant present that gets stolen first AND I downloaded the movie Scrooged, starring Bill Murray, right before suprnova.org closed "forever." By the way, if anyone knows a good torrent site, please post me a reply to this.

It's not easy, but I managed to get wasted on a work night and live to work the next day. Had a 40 and a few beers that Jake brought over, we played "Fuck The Dealer" (our rules being, if the person guesses the red/black, high/low, in/out, suit in order, the DEALER has to drink the number of drinks equal to the remaining cards in the deck. I had to drink 48 one time as dealer as Jake smoked me.

Dig it! So I got this drum kit. On the box, it has a picture of a little kid, but I think with a little practice I can be just as good as that five year old. Got it for Christmas, so now the band will be better than ever.

Anyhoo, it looks like I may be getting a job at the Nordstroms Rack in the Supermall. My interview will take place on January 5th at 9:30am. Now, I don't THINK I'll be an Al Bundy, but who cares. It'll be a job where I'm not renewed every two weeks. Apartment in Renton or Kent here I come!

All I know is that I'm getting straight A's, and that ain't not bad.

Thank you, and goodnight.

Oh, and one more thing, to whom it may concern: No more planning impromptu parties in Seattle in the middle of the week that I couldn't possibly attend despite my great desire to do just that! You know who you are ...

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