Christmas Eve Drunken Post.

10:40 pm, December 24, 2004

Something tells me it's a better idea to NOT put the moves on the daughter of my mom's boyfriend.

Especially when ... evidently she went to my high school. And graduated two years before I did. Which means she's two years older than me. And looks like she's about ten years older than me. I tell you, the ravages of smoking will kill you. Then again, genetics don't help you out much either, evidently.

However, it's hard to forget an ass ... no. That's just the Christmas Presents Euphoria talking. And, about a half dozen mixed drinks. I'm telling you, the hard-A goggles I've got going right now, dying cancer patients would look hot right now. Seriously, getting that close-parking sticker. That means I'm first in line to get that contraceptive AND first in line for Bingo. Geriatrics watch out.

OK, so I'm looking at this girl who went to my school, in my year book. A Junior when I was a Freshman. She even got a quote in the book. You know what I got? A nice "Fuck You" wrapped in a thoughtful "Suck My Asshole" with the most tasteful "Kiss My Grits" ribbon on top. I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm giving this girl about a six normally, but at the moment, I wouldn't throw her out of bed. Is that wrong? I guess not, especially since at the moment my "Bed" is the floor with a blanket and a pillow. Basically, I'm saying I wouldn't stop this chick from sleeping on the floor if I could help it. Come on, am I a catch or what? Dude, when I move out, you better believe I'm gonna be mackin' on all the fly honeys. My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.

Current Mood: Gotta get me away
Current Music: Ween - Baby Bitch

From Pete
2004-12-25 02:52 pm
Get the ball into play, dude. It don't matter once the lights are out.