I crapped THREE TIMES at work today. I guess Jesus got my letters..

4:48 pm, January 11, 2005

Let's try to nutshell this week.

We'll start with Saturday AFTER a certain football game. All my suicide attempts failed, so I lived through the night.

Sunday: Two new episodes of 24.

Monday: Two more new episodes of 24. Saw the movie White Noise. Seriously, all Hollywood films must be screened to me first. I don't want to give away the movie, but at the very end, there's a point they should just say CUT and be done with it. The denoument leaves A LOT to be desired.

Tuesday: That's today. Uhh, I dunno, I worked and ran. I'm up to 15 miles so far this year. That's about five behind the preliminary pace, but at the rate of going three miles a day I should catch up sooner or later.

Oh yeah, my brother's coming home tonight. Supposedly. The plan was for my mom to pick him up at the airport and me to stay here and go to bed early. So far, I'm awaiting French Toast and bacon for dinner, thus making that a very realized possibility. Nothing'll put you out like bacon for dinner.

Wednesday: Pretty uneventful, since my aunt and cousin are sick. I was supposed to go over there and share Christmas dinner, but they have 103 degree fevers. Yeah, I know, now I'm being given that excuse by my OWN AUNT. No, but seriously, I guess she slept for over 24 hours straight. No medication, no pimp-slapping, no gas chamber. Wicked.

Thursday: Sign the lease on the apartment. Condo, got it. Sorry.

Friday: Pack up a bunch of shit. The main thing in the preliminary move-in I'm doing by myself is to get all my posters and clothes over there. That way, the place is decorated for the weekend.

Saturday: Preliminary move-in. Besides the posters and clothes, I'm planning to lug my huge wooden spool, my oil-heater, a chair, my radio, and a fucking tape measure so I know for SURE I can get my huge desk in my bedroom.

Sunday: Meet Nate down here with his truck and haul away the big shit. The important shit. The shit that makes me me and not you.

From then on, it's me on my own. Probably won't have Internet until I have it. Definitely won't have a phone until I have one. So, you know, I'll holla back at y'all when I can.

In the meantime, here's a funny pondering I'm gonna be milking on for a while:

Why is it that women can say things like, "My girlfriend and I are going to brunch," and no one assumes anything; but as soon as I say something like, "My boyfriend and I are gonna go shop for fanny packs," everyone thinks I'm a gay? That's right, A GAY.

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