21 - A First Round Victory From The Heavens.

When predicting the outcome of playoff games, I go by this formula: if the same game was played 100 different times in 100 different dimensions, all things being the same going in, who would win more of those 100 games?

It's a more effective way to think about it, because while I never would've predicted the Seahawks routing Washington by Sean Taylor's Jersey Number, I easily would've had Seattle winning about 90 times out of 100. In that sense, they were the most logical pick of the first four playoff games (the way I figure it, San Diego's winning 75 times; Tampa's winning about 60; and Jacksonville's winning about 50), even though San Diego might beat up on Tennessee by a wider margin when all is said and done.

I'll tell you what, I HATE playing these emotional type teams. The Seahawks already have enough going against us, I could do without the entire world rooting against us. That kind of mojo is just what makes a kickoff get lost in the wind resulting in an onside recovery of sorts late in the 4th quarter. I mean, Keith Olbermann said it best before kickoff, "If your team isn't in the playoffs, you have to root for this Redskins team." Who WOULDN'T fall in love with this team? Tragic death in the middle of the season, white quarterback who hadn't thrown a pass in ten years leading his team to four straight victories, lovable old senile man wandering around lost on their sidelines every game wearing the cutest little microphone headset that probably picks up some old timey radio broadcasts.

And while next week's opponent doesn't have quite the same punch, the storyline nevertheless will be, "The Mean Ol' Seahawks Who Just Danced On Sean Taylor's Grave Are Trying To Take Brett Favre Away From Us!" I mean, shit man, at this rate, should we win next week, I'm sure our championship opponent will be a group of dying cancer kids followed by a group of three-legged retarded puppies in the Super Bowl.

Damn those nasty old Seahawks! Why do they have to spoil everything???

Other Thoughts:

So, wait, you're telling me somebody DIED on the Redskins this year? Yes, yes I AM a bastard.

You know what, you can call our offense finesse all you want, but anybody who saw Patrick Kerney manhandle his double-teams; anybody who say Leroy Hill absolutely MAUL that lineman, wrapping his arms around the lineman's body to take down Collins by the collar, you've got to give it up. Our defense is wicked awesome and one of the scariest in the NFL right now.

Liked the way our receivers stepped up today, especially Burleson and Hackett, with Branch out and Hackett looking like he re-aggrivated the same ankle injury on the first play of the game.

Big ups to Leonard Weaver with the longest TD run in Seattle Playoffs History.

Major big ups to the crowd, proving once again that you do NOT come into our house and think about winning that game.

Hot dog to Marcus Trufant with his second INT for a TD of the season, this one of the 79-yard variety. Making all of us Tacoma Natives proud.

Polish sausage to the rest of the secondary; it feels particularly good when a year ago we were going into Chicago and praying Rex Grossman doesn't burn us. This year, I feel like we've got a legitimate chance to get in Favre's head.

Still, these struggles on offense are a major concern, because these good defenses are finding ways to stall our passing attack while still allowing absolutely nothing on the ground.