Seahawks Lose In Arizona; Yet Another Reason to Firebomb Their Entire State Right Off The Map.

Well, we had no business losing THAT game! Problem is, we really had no business winning that game either, what with the way we started. More than anything, though? We never should've been in that position in the first fucking place!

How in God's name do you let their defensive line push you around like that? How do you not figure out their weakness sooner and exploit it? How can so many sure-handed receivers be susceptible to The Drops in one fucking game?


There are no words to describe how pissed off I am right now. I want to punch things, I want to knock people's heads together like the Three Stooges, I want to go back in time and tell whoever invented football all about a little thing I like to call cyanide.

You know who I blame? When all is said and done and our season is in the tanker, you know who I'll blame? Not Mike Holmgren for passive play calling or the O-Line for not getting it done or the undersized cornerbacks who are going to be out-jumped week in and week out. I blame Bill Fucking Simmons, that's who!

Because EVERY year national pundits all across the land sleep on my Seahawks, but also every year, there's one suck-ass douchebag who gives us WAY too much credit and either makes us a Sleeper or fucking puts us into the Super Bowl. Of course, every year I predict we're going to win the Super Bowl, and every year I've been let down. But, it sucks JUST a little bit when someone else picks my team, because you know their predictions are fucking bullshit! Nobody has ever done a prediction column and ever come close. Maybe they'll get one team, but it's more likely they'll be totally buttfucking wrong.

Well, thank you Bill Simmons for ruining my NFL season. When your confirmed hackery is exploited at year's end, I hope you'll learn that - like the rest of America - you SHOULD'VE overrated New Orleans. No, you won't be blazing any new trails with your bold, out-there, original pick; but at least when they go down on their 6-10 failure of a season, other writers out there won't look at you and say, "Dude, the Seahawks? What the fuck were YOU thinking?"