Getting Healthy & Confused With The St. Louis Rams.

Playing the St. Louis Rams is like pitting an elderly woman against a grizzly bear. Only, the elderly woman's arms are tied behind her back, she's been slimed with salmon guts, and a dead grizzly bear cub is lying next to her heap. If you lose to the St. Louis Rams, you might as well move to New Jersey, paint your helmets green, and start calling yourself the Jets.

So, what were the problems last week that are suddenly rectified with this 33-6 matricide? I guess our special teams were underperforming. It's hard to downplay any kickoff return for a touchdown, even if it is against the Rams. And nothing was blocked and no snaps bounced on the turf; that's always nice.

Our tight ends weren't doing much of anything thus far; that's what we get for thinking Pollard is a "Young 35". I'm not gonna lie to you, there's no such thing as a Young 35. But, two touchdowns out of Will Heller ... that's gonna continue throughout the rest of the season, right? Well, at least Holmgren didn't forget about the tight end position entirely. Seems to me, with our wide outs ailing, he should've been taking better advantage through the 2-game futility spree.

Our defense wasn't getting enough pressure on the quarterback, meaning our better-than-average defense was taxed trying to get off the field on 3rd down. Sure, 7 sacks is nothing to sneer at - including 4 from Darryl Tapp who nearly doubled his career total (standing at 9.5 now in two seasons) - but playing against the Rams O-Line right now is like going up against the Little Giants.

Let's see, Hasselbeck wasn't able to connect with his receivers as often as he liked. Well, after a day where Bobby Engram was the only guy with more than 40 yards through the air, I'd have to say nothing's settled on that end (though, Deion Branch should be back after the bye and D.J. Hackett's mom said he should be learning to walk any week now).

And finally, the running game. Ahh yes, another sub-50 game for Shaun Alexander, who's now getting booed on a Richie Sexson-like basis now. Everybody always likes to talk about the Philly fans, the Red Sox fans, the Yankees fans about riding their players for underperforming. Well, somebody should turn their heads to the west and see these rowdy Seattle fans giving those old sports towns a run for their money.

We're tired of this losing dammit! And we're not gonna take it anymore!