A Ten Million Dollar Asterisk.

In 1988 Pat Robertson won the Washington State Republican Caucus, the very next year the people of Washington State decided they couldn't have that so they adopted The Primary.

The Washington State Primary is the biggest farce in politics. The Democrats don't even elect any delegates by it; it's all caucus baby! But, they're bound by law to have a primary, so there it is. (As it stands, the Republicans elect roughly half of their delegates with the primary ... ten days AFTER the caucus).

Some people don't take the caucus seriously because they don't think it's truly reflective of a broad electorate. But I say if you can't get off of your fucking ass, get out of your fucking house, and sit in a room amid a free exchange of ideas for 90 fucking minutes, then you don't DESERVE to have a say in who we elect! I love the caucus, I think we should all caucus as a country in November for the actual presidential election! And if a nation of nitwits are too fucking lazy to do it, then fuck 'em!

But, to have both a caucus AND a primary? That just makes no sense. We're wasting $10 million to appease a foolish law that has no bearing on how the Democratic Party runs its nomination system. What's the point of even MAKING laws if you're powerless to truly enforce them?

Of course, the second biggest farce in politics is the Super Delegate. Are you kidding me? I BARELY trust the American people as a whole to make the right decision, now you're telling me I have to worry about who a select group of fatcats want as their president? How exactly is that democratic? I mean that in the sense of the word Democracy, a government by the people where the PEOPLE as a whole do the choosing. Not these so-called Elite People who don't even necessarily have to be elected officials to HAVE their own personal delegate votes.

What sickens me even more is that many of them have already made their decisions! Now, I know they're not bound to keep those alliances, but why do you think Hillary has had this lead all along? She gets practically 2 to every 1 Super Delegate that Obama gets! He's only now able to catch up because he's just now being taken seriously as a national candidate, as opposed to this Pie In The Sky dream candidate. He can actually win the whole ... fuckin' ... thing!

To quote the film 'Major League'.

I say, instead of bandying around laws about Primaries over Caucuses, why don't we look into the legality of these Super Delegates? But then, that would require the politicians of Washington D.C. to overturn a loophole they can take advantage of. That would require them to actually LISTEN and ABIDE by the will of the people.

And we couldn't have that.