... and FINALLY We're Done.

So, I really haven't had much positive to say about the coda to this season of 24, but there were some moments last night you just can't deny.

Before I get into that, can I just say that the acting has been particularly brutal lately. Now, I know I've said before that you don't go to 24 for the acting, but I mean it is GLARINGLY bad. And that's what happens when you continually cut out your best characters and replace them with fucking losers. Right now, of the ancillary characters, I'm enjoying Chloe and Morris, Tom Lennox, Little Ricky Schroeder, and Nadia (though, she's bordering on robot lately). I just don't see how you justify getting rid of Buchanan and keep around his wife, who's simply mailing in the last few episodes along with everyone else. Josh Bauer sucks HARD, though it was pretty funny when he kicked Chang in the face. Josh's mother is attrocious, though she has pretty eyes so I guess she gets a pass. Milo was turning into a broken record, so maybe his death was appropriate; but I guess I'm still harkening back to prior deaths that have gone on to ruin a perfectly fine show. I'm looking at Edgar Stiles, David Palmer, David Palmer's Crazy Ex-Wife, President Logan, Tony, Curtis and even Power Suit Lady Michelle Dessler. All these great characters are gone, along with Mike Novack and Aaron the Secret Service Guy and they're replaced with the likes of Lisa Miller and Sir Fucks A Lot.

Which leads me to one of my Top 5 Favorite Moments in the history of 24. Tom Lennox, in the Secret Service Van, with the hidden camera pointed squarely at Lisa Miller and Sir Fucks A Lot in bed, after damn near an hour's worth of sexcapades, checking the clock and saying with utter exasperation, "... and finally we're done." I'm telling you, that's right up there with President Logan - the Five Minute Man; that's right up there with Jack finally killing Nina; that's up there with finding out that Bluetooth Headset Man was Jack's brother; and that's up there with Milk Jugs stabbing Charles Logan in the back with a kitchen knife.

I say those are favorite moments - not necessarily the most memorable ones - and you'll say that three out of those five were from this very season. I know. Because the first half of this season was living up to the legacy of last year's genius. But, right now, at this point in season 6, I kind of feel like I'm Tom Lennox and the show is 50 minutes of Sir Fucks A Lot doing his thing inside Lisa Miller. I just want it to be over so I can go on about my business!

I think I made the analogy to porn before when discussing this show. Porn is only good for so long; but you don't watch porn to find out how it ends! You watch until you get your rocks off and then you turn it off. Well, I've gotten my rocks off on this season and now I'm forced to sit here and wait for the money shot. Two more hours to go; it better be a spectacular show.