The Deaf Bandits.

The guy with the ski mask was obviously the leader. The three men wearing ladies' nylons blocked all the exits and dealt with the crowd. Not once, for the entire five minute robbery, did any of them say one word.

If you look at the video tape footage on the news, you'll see me next to the old fat broad (fat old broad?) on the left there. When they told everyone to get on their knees - one of them played this little boombox recording with some anonymous voice saying, "This is a robbery, please get on your knees with your head facing the floor" - she complained and said she had bad knees or something. That's why she's on her fat ass while the rest of us are busting ours, looking like we're praying to Allah or some shit.

So, anyway, while the guy in the ski mask holding the pillow case dealt with the bank tellers, the rest of those assfucks walked around with their own bags, like they were playing some fucked up game of Trick or Treat or something. Oh yeah, they got my wallet, and then when they turned around I gave 'em the finger!

You could tell right away something was different here, though. Not only did they not say anything, but they kept flashing each other signs. Not like gang members, though. More like they were all deaf or something. I guess that's what the note said anyway. "Give us all your money. We're deaf," or something like that. Of course, the tellers obliged, we all gave our wallets, and it was over like that.

Or, it should've been anyway. One guy wisened up more than the rest of us. He knew right away that they were speaking in sign language, so he kept relaying the information to the rest of us. You know, what they were saying and all that. I really don't think they were deaf though, because they shot that guy square between the eyes. Well, maybe not that dead on, but in the face for sure.