Steven From Tacoma.

John From Cincinnati is a show from the creator of Deadwood, David Milch. In fact, John From Cincinnati is a show that pretty much took the place of Deadwood and relegated it to concluding with two 2-hour films sometime in the indefinite future. The series premiered two weeks ago right after the final episode of The Sopranos, but I needed this long to recover; so I watched it last night.

What I've been reading from critics - pretty much across the board - is that you shouldn't watch John From Cincinnati because it's bad and you REALLY shouldn't watch John From Cincinnati if you're a hardcore fan of Deadwood because you'll succumb to the fires that enrage your mortal soul ever since David Milch decided to switch horses mid stream, ultimately leading to you bashing your television in with a sledgehammer, then your spouse's skull, then the next fifteen people you see, until finally you're outside the gates of David Milch's Texas compound threatening to blow his house down.

You wanna know what I think? I'm more often right than not. And these critics ARE hardcore Deadwood fans who are feigning some semblance of objectivity here when really it's their resentment giving John From Cincinnati a hard time.

Because I watched the show last night. And I AM a hardcore Deadwood fan. But, you know what? I fucking enjoyed it. And I HATE surfing! I hate Endless Summer, I hate Jack Johnson, I hate tall skinny guys from California with long hair! Basing a show on this premise and calling it Surf Noir doesn't sound like my idea of a good time. But, with all that being said, this has the opportunity of being a great fucking show.

It's got Bruce Greenwood (main character on the show Nowhere Man), it's got Rebecca De Mornay (I don't know what she's doing on this show, but it sure as shit ain't acting), it's got Luke fucking Perry ... I don't even know what to say about that one. AND, it's got Al Bundy. Al motherfuckin' Bundy! He plays this old retired cop who's pretty simple-minded and fucking hilarious.

Anyway, these critics can eat my ass. A good show is a good fucking show, I don't care about politics. Besides, Deadwood's been going downhill since the first season anyway. There, I said it.