Crappy Owners Wondering Why.

Who are the primo teams in professional sports? The Yankees and Red Sox, the Patriots and Cowboys and Steelers, the Lakers and Mavericks and Suns and Spurs.

Now, who are the franchises that are struggling right now? The Texas Rangers, Royals, Pirates, etc., the Raiders and Cardinals, the Knicks and Timberwolves and Sonics.

What's the thread that ties all of these franchises together? Owners and management who are engaged with their franchises and who actively want to pursue a winning environment.

There's a reason why the Red Sox and Yankees are good every year, and it's not because baseball has a fucked-up salary cap system. It's because the owners truly love the sport and want to see their franchises succeed on a yearly basis. There is absolutely nothing stopping the Pittsburgh Pirates from out-spending everyone and landing Alex Rodriguez this winter, except, of course, the owner's willingness to out-spend everyone.

The Seahawks went through this when the Nordstrom family sold the team to Ken Behring. A team beloved more than any other by the city of Seattle went in the toilet and lost a major bulk of their fan base in the process. Not because it's a city of Frontrunners (I'll argue every single sporting franchise has their share of Frontrunners, not just those residing in Seattle), but because Ken Behring actively hated the city of Seattle and wanted to move the team to Los Angeles. All of a sudden, when Paul Allen bought the team, the Seahawks started getting good again and the fans returned.

They got good because of Paul Allen.

It's no coincidence that when the Sonics were good in the 90s, they were owned by the Ackerleys, who were fervent basketball fans. When they could no longer afford to keep the team and sold it to Howard Pigfucker Shultz - not so much a fan of sports as a fan of money - he streamlined everything in trying to save a buck more than trying to win a championship. The fans saw this and as a result stopped selling out Key Arena. Owners love to place the blame on the arena, but the truth is it's never the arena's fault. It's the owners for not doing what it takes to fill the seats.

Today brings word that potential local legend Dennis H. Daugs wants to buy the team from those Oklahoma Assholes, and I for one am praying to the god of hillbilly owners that this thing happens; but for the life of me I just don't see why. The Oklahoma Assholes want a basketball team in Oklahoma and right now they have no incentive to sell unless somebody blew them away with a billion dollar offer. That ain't likely to happen.

So, here's what I'm gonna have to ask. I'm gonna need some people to voluntarily offer their time and resources to terrorize the current Sonics administration to the point where they fear for the safety of themselves and their families. I know the people of Seattle can achieve this if we put our sadistic minds to it