David Stern Can Lick My Balls Like The Pussy Bitch He Is.

It's just impossible to believe the stream of bullshit coming out of the mouth of David Stern.

First of all, since when did he and Clay Bennett become best buddies? He's inducting him into some bullshit Oklahoma Hall of Fame? What is that? Can I be inducted into the Taylor Family Hall of Fame then? How about I just wear a medal and walk around saying I'm in the Steven A. Taylor Hall of Fame (also the leading vote-getter and ombudsman).

He's saying that he hopes some magical elf falls from the sky with an arena deal. He's saying we'll never sniff another NBA franchise. He's saying it's too bad it's come to this.

What do you call the Muckleshoots? I do believe ... yes, I do believe they have land and ... uh huh, they still haven't seen a response from Bennett and his dumbfuck numbnuts cronies after offering to share that land as a potential arena site.

I find it completely disingenuous to say that he'd rather have a team in Seattle when it's so obvious he's been in Clay Bennett's pocket from day one. Why would he want a team playing to a bunch of hicks in Oklahoma who'll abandon this team as soon as Kevin Durant realizes he's playing ... IN OKLAHOMA? Hello, does anybody remember that Kansas City once had a team? Professional basketball doesn't work in the midwest. It won't sustain in corn country. Hell, if it ain't college football, you might as well be fiddling with your wiener in the wind because that's the only sure thing you'll find in Oklahoma.

And you know what? Even if the city came to their senses, built a new arena, and made a big push to pick up a struggling franchise from some other struggling city (Memphis anyone? Wonder why THAT didn't work out), I wouldn't want to root for it! When Kevin Durant is off winning championships for a bunch of stupid fucking rednecks, I get to see the third incarnation of the Grizzlies? Fuck that. Go find a Cleveland Browns fan and ask him how much that Baltimore championship chaps his ass.

I'm teetering on the edge right now. I so desperately want my Sonics to stay in Seattle and I want Clay Bennett with a boot up his fat neanderthal ass; but I'm also this close to renouncing professional basketball altogether and saying good riddance to fucking bitchass David Stern and his loony opinions.

Synthetic basketballs, what the FUCK was that moron thinking? What a douche!