D-Day, NFL Draft Recap.

I'm gonna try to explain this using numbers. Like a pie-chart of sorts. Think of the Seattle Seahawks' wide receivers as a pizza; here's how it breaks down as far as ability goes as of Saturday:

Darrell Jackson - 39%
Deion Branch - 24%
Bobby Engram - 20%
DJ Hackett - 12%
Nate Burlson - 4%
Ben Obomanu - 1%

If you buy this analogy, then you'll realize there's a huge chunk of the pie missing as of Sunday afternoon and the new Wide Receiver Pie has a distribution shift to something like this:

Deion Branch - 33%
Bobby Engram - 30%
DJ Hackett - 22%
Nate Burlson - 14%
Ben Obomanu - 1%
Some 6th Round Jerkoff - 0%
Some other 6th Round Jerkoff - 0%

That's like going from a fresh, delicious extra large Godfather's pizza loaded with a pound of cheese and pepperoni and black olives on that classic, golden crust ... to a frozen Totinos with like four of those tiny pepperoni cubes sprinkled about amongst that jizz-like cheese on top of that nasty, pocket-filled crust that always gets burnt ALWAYS.

We took a position of great strength on our team and made it instantly mediocre while not really helping our cause elsewhere. Just a bunch of randoms who may or may not pan out. Specifically, for Darrell Jackson, we drafted a guy who went from playing defensive tackle to offensive tackle to offensive guard and who won't play one minute of football this season unless injuries strike multiple times.

As far as the rest of our draft goes, we did the best we could with what we had. I'm excited about our second round pick because he sounds like a fucking SPEEDSTER the likes of which we haven't seen since Joey Galloway. It'd be nice to have a threat on kickoffs like, say, the Bears have. The defensive tackle we got sounds pretty raw, but he's 309 pounds and could develop into a nice run-stuffing machine. I'm not sold on this defensive end from the fourth round, but it sounds like he's going right into the rotation of ends, which stands at four. This converted linebacker sounds like the second coming of Isaiah Kacyvenski, which means he'll be a stud on special teams and a liability on defense. The Auburn wide receiver doesn't sound like anything special; the Oregon receiver is 6'4 and 217 pounds which might keep him around on the practice squad if he shows he can jump high and catch what's thrown his way. The final offensive lineman is destined to be cut I'm thinking.

For the 2007 season, the Seahawks got considerably worse by losing the best receiver we've had since Joey Galloway's heyday. Of course, that changes if Jackson gets injured at any point this season, so there's always hoping for that. As far as down the line? You never can tell, but it's rare that a draft produces busts up and down the line; SOMEBODY will pan out. For some reason, my money isn't on the man named Mansfield Wrotto.