Believe The Hype: Meg White Is The Greatest Drummer Of All Time.

In other news, The Mars Volta just released their new album, Frances The Mute. OK, now this band, if you don't know, is an offshoot of At The Drive In, featuring the lead singer and guitarist from that band. Only, The Mars Volta isn't quite as heavy or "punk-ish" as the former band (the other three of At The Drive In having formed the band Sparta, a more punk/emo type band that relates better to modern rock radio).

The Mars Volta's heavy at times, but it's not like a metal band. You've got the singer who writes these paragraphs of prose, chooses an inflection and style of singing, and the band plays this amazing sort of rock-based jazz mishmash of truly improvisational and progressive music (you wanna think SOMETHING like Pink Floyd of the seventies, only more Afro-Cuban centric than British, and lots more rocking than the mostly airy instrumentals of the Floyd).

And, let us not forget, the drummer is second to NO living drummer out there today (and I'd easily rank him in the top 5 all time). Remember this man's name (as I go on the Internet to look it up): Jon Theodore. In fact, let's roll out the top five drummers right now

(((honorable mentions - Ginger Baker, Cream - Meg White, The White Stripes - Brain, Primus - Lars Ulrich (can't deny the skills, beeotches), Metallica - Tommy Lee, Mötley Crüe - Joey Jordison (check out the end of The Blister Exists if you don't believe me), Slipknot)))

5. Jon Theodore
4. Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience) - you get a much better sense of his awesomeness with the live CDs, which I am quite privy to
3. Dave Grohl - We all know this man rocks the skins; it's Tenacious Motherfuckin' D time. It's too bad he's technically not a full-on drummer anymore, only opting to spot-start for bands in need.
2. Keith Moon (The Who) - Quintessential; they don't come more wild and crazy. Just think ANIMAL from the Muppets; then add a bunch of drugs and alcohol.
1. John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) - No explanation. If you contest me, I will bury you. I WILL BURY YOU!!! This is just an argument you cannot win.