Savior - Thy Name Is Kevin Durant.

God damn, the phone's been ringing like a pickled mule! I can't get a thought in edgewise.

I feel, like a kid on Christmas Eve night who's trying to get to sleep as quickly as possible because he hopes that Santa got his letter and wrapped for him a brand new Nintendo 64. I feel, like a beer-league softball player standing on deck as the batter in front of him just walked to load the bases in a 3-run game. I FEEL, like a horny dude doing everything in his power to sit through a movie-watching snuggle-date under the covers praying that the words, "Not tonight, I'm on my period" don't come out of his date's mouth.

All because, last night, NBA Commissioner David Stern gave me the hand release to end all hand releases. He really got down on that thing, with the lubes and the lotions and the oils and the soothing Enya music and the blacklight posters with unicorns and psychadelic mushrooms. Best. Nut Job. Ever!

Kevin Durant. College Player Of The Year. Going To The Seattle Supersonics.

Here's to hoping we don't pull a Houston Texans and really boner this pick up.

There's a lot riding on what happened in this Draft Lottery last night. With this Number 2 pick, with a quality GM signing and a high-visibility head coach signing, maybe, just MAYBE, the groundswell of support for keeping the Sonics in Seattle might rise up and defend our right to keep an NBA franchise in the greater Seattle area.

It's not really my style, but I'm so excited right now I might go out and buy me a Kevin Durant Seattle Sonics Green Road Jersey for 50 bucks next month. Just imagine how much that thing's gonna be worth when he's playing his home games in Oklahoma City!