My father adopted me when I was sixteen, but we didn't actually have sex until my 18th birthday. Oh sure, we did other stuff. I'd give him head on a daily basis. And dad, well, I guess he wasn't "dad" yet, but he gave me my first orgasm when I was 14. That was the last time I ran away from the orphanage. I shacked up with him for about two weeks before he started fooling around with me; I don't think he realized I was underage when I met him, but something inside told him to wait it out with oral. I never did tell him my age, but I think he suspected something was up when I shot up another foot and gained another cup size.

We got married when I was twenty. Not officially, of course. No level-headed faith-man would ever deem our love God-pure. We had the ceremony performed by someone we thought was ordained by mail, but that turned out to be bogus. So, now we just say we're married, show off our rings, and file taxes seperately.

When it was discovered that I was pregnant two months later, I thought we could finally settle in as a normal family. Sure, we got stares: me 20, him 53. It's odd to see such an age gap. But, we didn't give a shit. We were in love. That is, until Polly started coming around.

At first, he said he just wanted to experiment with a little three-way action. He promised me he wouldn't come inside her, that he'd save it for me. I suppose I was a little jealous, though. I mean, he only gave me head when I was 14.

But, as I started showing more and more, I found that our "experiments" were turning into regular occurrences, oftentimes with me on one side of the bed with my pocket rocket waiting for either to show me some attention that wouldn't be forthcoming.

When he started shooting off inside of her, I pleaded with him to use a condom. He said he wouldn't, though, so I asked him why he couldn't just come inside of me. I guess I was getting too fat for him. That's understandable. Besides, Polly was a goddess.

He decided well before my third tri-mester that Polly would soon become an official member of the family. With my child making the third girl, I vowed that I'd protect my baby until she was old enough to escape.

I think he enjoyed the idea of his own virility knowing no bounds. He tried day and night to impregnate Polly, but she was impervious to his seed. Sure enough, after I had Julia and was ready for sex again, he came after me. But, it appeared as if he'd had it. He'd reproduce no more.

This sent him into a deep funk. He didn't even care when Polly started fucking Enrique. But, when she gave birth to that half-Mexican baby, I think he snapped.

It's the only way to explain why he'd go after Julia like that. It's gotta be hard - at the age of five - to hear that you're never going to have children because your delusional, enraged father fucked you too hard with his five-inch cock. After he'd left her sobbing into her pillow on top of a thick puddle of blood - presumably to get his Viagra prescription re-filled - I sat with Julia, trying to console her. She asked what the punishment was for. She wanted to know what she did wrong.

I just told her, "You're your father's child."