Get it, WHERE are the wolves, and it's about werewolves ... nevermind.

Have you ever been eating Top Ramen from the little stovetop pot you boiled it in and accidentally burned your top lip when you went to drink the broth? But, not the entirety of your top lip, just the left and right side, causing both ends to puff way out like a collagen injection gone horribly awry? Ever had that happen and it didn't go away after a long night's sleep and then you went to work the next day smiling like Jack Nicholson in Batman?

Wait'll they get a load of me

Today's the day before Halloween and I think there's some kind of Pagan significance but I can't rightly recall. I've watched the first three Nightmare On Elm Streets (with three more to go) and I've got to tell you - knowing full well I'm putting the cart before the horse - that Freddy's got to be, by far, the scariest horror/slasher movie villain of all time.

I mean, think about it, Jason Vorhees was pretty much a pussy until that lightning bolt brought him back from the dead and gave him superhuman powers he never had before when he was "living". And Michael Meyers was nothing but a lumbering clod who somehow managed to keep going and going and going. He's like the LenDale White of horror movie bad guys. Give Michael Meyers 30 carries and he'll find a way to get 100 yards rushing.

But Freddy, he attacks you in your dreams! And it's not like you can ever kill him, because he's already dead. AND he can either wear the glove with the blades OR he can produce blades from his hand like Wolverine. Pretty much, you're fucked either way you slash it, and I'm not convinced there's a way you can stop him, given the trifling ways they've "defeated" him in the first three films.

I will give you this, though. Freddy does seem to go down pretty easily. But, look at him, he's like 115 pounds soaking wet! However, when he's at his peak power, he can do more with his mind control than any dreaming teenager could possibly fathom.

I have a question: you know that movie 'Hellraiser'? Is that the one with the guy who had all the spikes in his face? Is that something I should've added to the list of horror movies? Is that something for next Halloween?

I also have a question: let's say I'm the Warren Moon of LJ writing. And let's say that my old LJ is like Warren Moon's stint in the CFL (or was it the USFL). Now, is it possible for me to combine my stats from both stints in LJ writing and make my case for an LJ Hall of Fame? Or will they only accept my NFL numbers? AND, which LJ would be my NFL stint and which would be my CFL stint? Because I had 570 entries in the old one and 355 in this one, giving me 925 total overall. I guess what I'm trying to say is that 1,000 is on the horizon.

This is what I think about at work.