Ghost Train Excerpt.

Another thing giving me the wiggums is this movie I saw over the weekend, "Ghost Train".

So, I have this membership to this movie theater in the Lower East Side where they screen these indie movies you don't see anywhere else. Incidentally, for me to recoup the cost for having this membership, I'm supposed to go at least 10 times within the one year period, which I figured would be easy since I like going to movies. Well, I'd yet to get my ass out there even though I'd circled potential films multiple times.

Anyway, I'd yet to submit a different address with them since the move, so I didn't get the list of movies they were showing for the month of June. On Saturday, I figured instead of calling, I'd just go down there in person, watch whatever movie was playing, and change it in person.

And so, I saw Ghost Train, a Japanese import complete with subtitles. I've decided that, if something happened and I was forced to switch bodies with someone, I'd go ahead and take that of a barely-legal Japanese female, just so I could look at myself in the mirror for hours on end. Also, I've decided that the scariest visual you can see on film or in real life is a group of Japanese zombies crawling along the floor and walls of a cave while you're running for your life.

You know what you need when you're on your own in New York City on a Saturday night? You need to watch a movie where a ghost is living in a Tokyo subway system and kidnaps and kills everything in its path that happens through its haunted subway tunnel. That'll set the ol' mind at ease as you're riding the subway after midnight, alone, when the train stalls between stops and the interior lights flicker on and off.