High Noon.


With the sun beating down on William Macmillan's haggard face, he stepped into the small mining town with one thing in mind. His boots were clanking across the hard, dirt road, his gun belt was hanging askew around his waist. In the back pocket of his dusty, blue jeans rested his pouch of tobacco from which he made his homemade cigarettes. William seldom lit them, just let the cigarette hang nonchalantly off his lower lip. William's cowboy hat slightly covered his unshaven face from the sun. With a six-shooter in each of the holsters in his belt, William walked down the main street of this corrupt town full of cattle-rustlers and band robbers. William aimed to clean up this town, if it was the last thing he ever did.

William decided to stop by the town saloon before the big showdown with the Wright brothers. These were two of the toughest bandits west of the Mississippi. William appointed himself sheriff of this town just to bring those two down. A stiff shot of whisky would help settle him before the big showdown. He thrust the swinging doors open and looked in at all the people in the saloon.


"Oh my God, everybody, look at Billy!"

"What does he think he's doing?"

"Is he stupid, bringing toy guns to school?"

"He thinks he's a cowboy!"

"What a loser! He's even got a fake sheriff's badge!"

"Hey! Those guns are real!"

"What are you doing? No, stop!"

"Help! He shot him! He shot Mike!"

"Call the police! Get someone in here!"


William took a step inside and, to his surprise, there sat Michael Wright playing poker. Without a second thought, William shot him square between the eyes. Michael fell back in his chair and the saloon was in a frenzy. Women and men alike were running out of the building, knowing that if they stayed they would be shot as well. William stood, without expression, while they emptied out of the bar. There was still one person left, she was behind the bar. William knew her well, he walked up to her and said...


"Give me a shot, leave the bottle."

In between screams, the poor lunch lady replied, "What the hell are you talking about, Billy? You just killed that boy and you're telling me you want liquor? You've really done it now! You'll hang for this!"

"I said I want a shot and I want it now!" Billy pounded a fist on the counter.

The flustered lunch lady just replied, "You better get outta here, Billy. The police are comin' to get you."

"Don't worry about me ma'am. I'll take care of them too. Now where's my drink?"

The lunch lady could take no more. She ran out of the cafeteria, screaming as loudly as she could. Billy just stood there watching her, expressionless.


All William could think about was that Michael's brother Jonathan was coming. Surely he wants revenge for his brother's death, William thought, and he would be ready for the confrontation. Unlike his brother, the gambling drunkard, Jonathan was the brains of the operation and would pose a greater threat to William.

William was actually a part of their posse. They all went from town to town robbing, shooting, and pillaging. Then they betrayed William. They stole his possessions, tied him up while he slept, and left him for dead. William had been waiting for this day for some time.


Billy had finally left the cafeteria and was standing in the middle of the courtyard, anxiously looking all around him. Mr. Pincher, the school security guard, spotted him and started to approach the kid. Being unarmed, Mr. Pincher only had one thing he could do: try to keep this kid away from the other kids and stall, until the police could get here.

"Hey, son, please, just take it easy. Nobody wants to hurt you. Just please, don't shoot any more kids. We'll give you anything you want, just no more shooting." He waited for a reply but got nothing, not even a look in his direction. What is up with this kid? Just as long as he stays put and does not shoot any more kids, I will be a hero. Think of it, I might even have a chance to be a real policeman. I'll keep talking to him, maybe even get his guns from him.

"What do you say kid? You can help yourself out by surrendering now." Mr. Pincher was gaining more confidence by the second.

I think he is ready to surrender, he thought. And there is the police siren. They are almost here.


I know this man, William thought. He was the old sheriff of this town. What, does he think he can get his job back from me? He keeps asking me to drop my weapons. I must dispose of this man.

With one quick shot, the former sheriff was dead before he hit the ground. Then, in the corner of his eye, William caught a glimpse of the hated Jonathan Wright. He was unarmed so William walked over and threw him one of his guns. Jonathan, standing defiantly, caught the revolver in both hands. They both stood there, staring at each other. The time felt like an eternity.

The sun was beating down on their weary bodies. Hands by their sides, William called draw. William raised his gun but it was too late. Jonathan already had a shot off and it struck William on the left shoulder. William staggered but regained his composure. Simultaneously, each shot his weapon. William struck Jonathan in the neck, Jonathan shot William in the thigh. Jonathan fell in a heap on the ground and William limped over to retrieve his weapon. The Wright brothers were dead, but more were soon to come.


Jon was in shock after the death of his brother. The shock soon shifted to rage, but he was horrified to find the school security guard shot and dead. Nevertheless, Jon stepped out to confront his brother's assailant. Jon did not know what he would do, but he had to do something. His heart was racing, he almost buckled at the knees but regained his stance.

Just then, Billy threw a gun at him. Jon did not understand but caught it anyway. Why would he do such a thing? Jon just stood there looking blankly at the gun. It felt so good in his hands, Jon felt a surge of power that he had never felt before. Hundreds of thoughts flashed through his head in that brief period. In his hands, Jon had the power to kill another man. Jon suddenly saw himself the way Billy did. Jon was now a cowboy, in a showdown, getting revenge for his brother's death.

Jon snapped back just in time. He grasped the revolver in his right hand, raised his arm, pointed the gun at his enemy, and squeezed the trigger with all the strength that his quivering arm would allow. Wow, I hit him, but it did not kill him. Shoot again, shoot again! Jon got one more shot off before a burst of heat ran into his neck. A white flash was all he saw. Then darkness.


Feeling a high after the deaths of those two bandits, William went back to the saloon to get that drink he wanted. When he got there he remembered that it was deserted so he started to go behind the bar to get it himself. Just then two men in blue suits with guns rushed in. "I'll have some drinks ready for you two gentlemen in a minute. The bar-tender has disappeared."

"Throw down your weapons and put your hands on your head."

What's this? William thought frantically, these are the men I am to face. These must be the "police."

Their guns were drawn and pointed at William. William walked to his left, sizing them up. Then with one swift move, much like a real gunslinger, both guns were drawn and the police were down in a heap. They shot back, but only managed to hit William in the shoulders.

William walked cautiously towards the door to see if there were any more coming. They were already there! Now William's problems were increasing. He was bleeding profusely, his guns were out of bullets and the saloon was surrounded.

William took the guns his enemies used and walked over to the staircase. He perched himself on the ground behind the railing and looked out on the rest of the building. This saloon has a second floor where the bar-tender sleeps. William waited for them to come in so he could pick them off as he sat.


The officers had not seen Billy in the last few minutes, so they started in. With their faces unprotected, and Billy being a superb shot, one by one the policemen fell in a pile of blood and dead bodies. This was obviously getting them no where, but they had one option left.

The chief gave orders for two cops to climb to the top of the cafeteria and enter through the roof. They reached the top, climbed in through a fire-escape window, and landed inside the janitor's office quietly. On the count of three, they opened the door and started shooting all in one motion. They caught the crazy kid by surprise and shot him with all the bullets in their guns. Billy could not even get a shot off. The two officers left the school heroes.


William was really shooting masterfully today. Twelve men in all, dead by his own will. But the police suddenly stopped coming in. They must have retreated. That was good considering his bleeding was really becoming a problem. Without treatment, William would only last an hour at the most. William was ready to leave when the bar-tender's bedroom door to his right flew open and William was shot repeatedly in the side. Six shots in the gut, five in the head. Numerous others missed, but it did not matter. William saw that same white flash. Then darkness.