I Saw Saw: It's Like the Worst Movie Ever Made.

Like anyone could even know that!

OK, so Saw isn't the worst movie ever made. In fact, it's got quite the compelling story. A few problems, though. Don't much care for the Scooby Doo ending (Wayne's World did it much better). The over-acting on the part of the doctor . . . you know, if you were planning on renting the movie, you might want to skip down a few paragraphs. But, seriously, the dude who plays the doctor, just watch whenever he gets enraged. I don't care much for the flashbacks. It's just poor writing technique when the character goes, "Oh, I finally remember what happened to me . . ." and then it goes into the corresponding flashback. Just find a more creative way to say what it is you said there; I'm not saying do exactly what a film like Memento did, but think of SOMETHING.

Save the Scooby Doo part, I still like the way the movie finishes off. But, you KNOW they were forced by the production company to make some edits. I bet, in the original version, there were some grizzly parts. I mean, these are first-time screenwriters/directors; there's just no way they saw their original vision through to fruition.

As far as "scary" movies go, and this movie wasn't scary except for this one part . . . and I'd like to add that I WAS high for this movie, so really, a bouquet of posies should've been scary, I'd rate this above the shit like Jeepers Creepers, . . . hmm, damndest thing, can't seem to think of any other shitty horror flicks in the same vein, but you catch my drift. Saw is one of these movies that's trying to be like Seven, or even those Hannibal movies. That's really what you've got going for you here. It's Hannibal Lecter with morals/ideology.

Now, if you want a good movie that's kinda sorta not really scary, watch Frailty. Borrow it from me if you have to. It's fucking awesome. Frailty makes Saw look like Uncle Rico throwing the football for an hour and 45 minutes.