Ladies Love J.J..

You know what I'm looking forward to? After this upcoming 4-game series against the Lions, the Baltimore Orioles are coming to town; I can't wait to see J.J. Putz saunter into a save situation with Brian Roberts at the plate in the bottom of the 8th inning with two runners on ... so he can fucking BEAN him for bobbling that third out in last night's All Star Game!!!

This was looking to be the single greatest Seattle Mariners All Star Game Experience in franchise history - with Ichiro going 3 for 3 with an inside the parker and two ribbies - but alas we came one out short. I will forever have Brian Roberts on my shitlist if Putz comes out and starts blowing games like Eric Gagne did after blowing his All Star Save Opp with his streak on hold. Fortunately - psychologically speaking - the AL won the game, otherwise that's more of a burden on Putz's mind than he'd ever let on. As it is, he was pulled from a game for the first time since a diminutive Latino closer held the ball in his sweaty left palm for us last year; oh how I DON'T miss those Everyday Heart Attack Eddie days.

As it stands, Putz couldn't get a forkball over to save his life (or, whatever the hell those pitches in the 80mph range were) and his fastballs weren't all that accurate either. Still, I liked seeing him facing the best of the rest of the NL; should be a good learning experience for when we hit the wire and are trying to overtake the California Angels.

This just goes to show what's been the achilles heal for the Mariners all season: we can't beat teams or players from the NL Central. Fucking Soriano