Lollapalooza Review: Chicago's Number 1 Party Band.

First of all, let me say that the lead singer of Electric Six looked NOTHING like I imagined. Then again, that's kinda like trying to imagine what Calvin from the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes might sound like if they ever made a cartoon series based on the strip. Nothing would ever look right. In fact, the band as a whole looked nothing like I expected.

Imagine you're at a trashy, low-rent wedding, it's the reception, the wedding band has just finished doing an 8-ball of cocaine after staying up all night taking whiskey shots and giving Dirty Sanchezes to inexpensive hookers, and now they're playing from a setlist of fucked up love songs. That's Electric Six. And they were fucking off-my-balls amazing.

The setlist included - in no specific order - Gay Bar, Dance Commander, Naked Pictures Of Your Mother, Synthesizer, Improper Dancing, Rock N' Roll Evacuation, and Danger (High Voltage), as well as songs from their latest effort and even one or two new songs from their forthcoming album. You may not know from what I'm talking about, and for that you should be ashamed! Go listen to their debut album "Fire" and for the love of God try to keep up!

The singer absolutely looked like the least-energetic person on the face of the planet. He strikes me as the kind of fella where standing upright is a bit of a chore. Nevertheless, he was wacky, goofy, and did his damnedest to entertain a crowd that was standing on cement, baking under the sun at 3:30 in the Friday afternoon.

And, I for one, think his plan to get more involved politically by sending attractive women into the future 30 years so they can find George W. Bush on his ranch in Texas, Ride That President, and give birth to another Bush baby is something I can whole-heartedly get behind. Maybe by then, Mr. President, he'll know how to rock!