Motherfuck You and Your Jinx.

Listen, it's not a fucking jinx. It's a random series of circumstances that happen to coincide with something completely trivial! People get injured in the NFL! It happens, no team goes without it.

You know what pisses me off more than anything else? It's not the fact that Shaun Alexander went down with a foot injury - we've done OK with our MVP getting us 50 yards per game anyway. 3 and 0 bitches. No, what pisses me off is that this little foot injury is going to give further creedence to these dipshit dumbasses who BELIEVE this jive about a Madden Curse! Now, I'm gonna have to read MORE bullshit from Bill Simmons and all these so-called fucking sports experts all fucking week. And THEN, to top it off, if we happen to lose this upcoming game to the Bears - who have the best defense since the Baltimore Ravens won a Super Bowl - with Maurice Morris looking sub-par, everyone's going to point to this injury and say, "UH-oh, the Seahawks are in trouble now!"

Look, if we lose to Chicago, it would've happened with or without Alexander! It'll be because we can't establish the run, because they're hitting our quarterback, and because they've figured out our passing scheme early and often. They'll have taken care of the Field Position game and their kicker will make one more field goal than OUR kicker. That's IT! We'll have lost to a GOOD fucking football team on the ROAD! End of fucking discussion!

But, everyone on ESPN, and everyone in the Seattle media will be all over this like a pack of wolverines! And, I don't mean the animal. I'm talking about a pack of the X-Men Wolverines! Slicing and dicing and believing their own insight when really it's bullshit! Alexander doesn't MAKE this team! Last year, he set a record for touchdowns because he ran behind one of the best offensive lines since Emmitt Smith was winning MVP trophies. My grandmother could've fucking ran behind Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson and Robbie Tobeck and fucking gotten at least 18 touchdowns and 1300 yards!

Maurice Morris is fine. Sure, Mark said he can't run in between the tackles - and this goes back to his University of Oregon days - but there have been plenty of servicable running backs who just bounce outside and get their yards just fine. Let him run! Impliment more sweep plays and off-tackle plays. Pitches, screen passes, whatever! He's fast, he's agile, give him the ball and some open field and let him run around and SHOW you what he can do! Fuck man, Alexander didn't get us single-handedly to the fucking Super Bowl. He's not even the most important player on our team!

If Seneca Wallace is forced to start at quarterback for us last year, I guarantee we win no more than 6 games, MAYBE 7. You can bank on that, he's not a starter and he never will be. Matt Hasselbeck, if he were to injure his foot and be out a month, would be the biggest crushing blow to this team. He's the equivalent to us losing two linebackers, a lineman and a cornerback. It's that simple.

Does that mean I'm down on Alexander? Of course not; it's TERRIBLY unfortunate that we're losing him for the upcoming stretch of games. We're at Chicago - the second best team in the NFC with the best defense in football - then after the BYE week, we're at St. Louis - who ALWAYS play us tough, especially there - which is a division game we NEED to take, and then we're back here at home against Minnesota, another VERY tough NFC rival who just challenged Chicago to a close finish. Who WOULDN'T want a guy with a nose for the endzone for those games? Especially one who's been so durable for so long (up until now). I mean, I like Morris, but Alexander is like a bigger, stronger version of Morris with comparable speed. What's NOT to like? He's amazing! By career's end, he'll be one of the all-time greats who ever played.

I just don't want to hear the bullshit. You know how we can avoid FURTHER bullshit? Win this fucking game and rub it in Bill Fuck-ass Simmons' and all the rest of these cocksmokers' faces who do NOTHING but get on my nerves when they talk about a team like the Seahawks - an NFL elite last year and this, but a team they won't bother learning about in the SLIGHTEST. Fuck you Bill Simmons, take this week's Mailbag and everything else and SHOVE the fucking Seahawks questions UP your ass! Your opinion is moo to me.