The Four-Way Journal Post: Marissa Cooper.

Now, you didn't think I'd let too much time pass before I got into the Current Events portion of the Four-Way Journal Post, did you? I hereby doff my cap (as well as any and all other articles of clothing if she'd have me ... mmmpussy ... sorry ... for the obscure Steven Tyler reference) to the tragic ... must find word besides "tragic" ... to the cataclysmic passing of one Marissa Cooper. Obviously the sexiest of the four O.C. main older kids, but also my underrated favorite. For all the scenes with her in a bikini, for all of Mischa Barton's DREADFUL acting, for all the scenes with her in a bikini, for all the times she was "in trouble," for all the scenes with her in a bikini ... excuse me, clean-up on aisle nine.

Marissa was the life-force of The O.C., whether you liked her or found her completely annoying. And, I know the Marissa bandwagon is pretty sparse in the ol' "Marissa vs. Summer: Who Would You Rather Stick It Into?" Debate, but I'm on the Marissa train until the day I die. It's too bad, you really can't even compare it to the "Ginger vs. Mary Ann" Debate, because that had to've been near 50-50 (Mary Ann being the wussy-man's choice, Ginger being the every-man's choice). This Marissa/Summer thing is like 97-2 in favor of Summer (with the other 1% devoted evenly between Kirsten Cohen, Julie Cooper-Nicholl, and Sandy's Eyebrows).

Anyway, on with the post.

If you haven't had a chance to see the season premiere of The O.C. (and I gave you knob-jobs the damned link to see it A WEEK EARLY on MySpace, so there's no excuse), be prepared to have your cat out of the fucking bag!

OK, you got me, I'm fucking hooked once again. DAMN THAT SHOW!!!! Going into the last week of last season, I was so thoroughly fed up with that fucking show, sitting through the season finale was a mere formality. I knew ahead of time - thanks to the WORST kept secret in showbiz history - that Marissa was toast, so the ending was no shocker for me. And yet, having said all that, I was curious as to how they'd handle things in this, most likely the last season unless they get it as far away from Grey's Anatomy as humanly possible (which would be Monday mornings at 9am I think ... maybe 8:30am just to be safe ... or accurate). And what do they do? They come up with an intriguing storyline!

Everyone's trying to cope in their own ways, five months later. Summer's in denial, believing that she's over it and using her cross-country distance from the mess as a crutch in her forgetting. Seth doesn't give too much of a fuck because he and Marissa were never all that friendly anyway. And Ryan's just being Ryan, blocking out all the pain, foregoing his first year at California University (oops, I mean Stanford ... I should've had some kind of Saved By The Bell foursome: Mr. Belding, Bob Golic, Milo, and Mr. Tuttle ... obviously I'd go Milo, with Mr. Tuttle pulling a close second, and Bob Golic as far back as humanly possible ... what a DOUCHEBAG!). I must say, having Ryan being a steel-cage fighter was a solid touch. Just getting the shit beat OUT of him.

And, yeah, the whole Comic Book/Powerpoint Presentation to cradle Ryan back into the Cohen Family Fold was VERY hokey (as opposed to Hokie, which is some sort of fictictious Turkey-Based bird used as an ill-advised mascot at Virginia Tech). But, that aside, if Ryan actually goes out on this Vengeance Quest against Volcheck and finishes him once and for all, I'll sleep better at night. Seriously, like if Volcheck's in Mexico, Ryan can TOTALLY bash his head in until brains are spewing and not get in any trouble for it!!!

In Other News:

I got a call Thursday morning at 8:52am for a 2-day job. The catch: I would've had to be there in an hour (leaving me little-to-no time to shower and mentally prepare), AND I'd gotten less than three hours of sleep up to that point. Yeah, I was lucky to wake up and answer the phone, honestly. They said to call back on Friday to see if there was anything left, but there wasn't. So, the unemployed string goes on. Though, I think I'm getting close. I can feel it. And, if worse comes to worse, I've got a list of about another 15 temp agencies I can call. No worries on my end yet.

P.S. Episode 2 of the new season of The O.C. is up on MySpace ... God damn, that's all I've gotta say ... other than "Screw LiveJournal for being under maintenance right now ... don't they know I have one more entry to post???"