NFL Playoff Predictions.

All things being square, I think I can pretty much see how this whole NFL Playoffs thing is gonna play out.

Now, I know ten games don't make a season, but what you're seeing here in the NFC is pretty much what you're going to get; with one exception: Detroit fades in the end. Not only do they face the Packers on Thanksgiving, but they go to Green Bay the last week of the season when they might be contending for a number 1 seed. There are games at Minnesota and San Diego and one big home game vs. Dallas (with a KC home game that ain't a lock by any stretch, with their stout defense). NEW ORLEANS, on the other hand, play three times in their crap division along with home games vs. Arizona and Philly (highly beatable) and a week 17 game in Chicago when they'll be playing for pride. Look out for them and don't be shocked if Arizona pulls a 6-seed out of their asses (Frisco, Saints, Falcons, and Rams on the horizon; four home games out of the last six).

Other than Detroit, things fall as they are:

Dallas - 1
Green Bay - 2
Seattle - 3 (via tiebreaker)
Tampa Bay - 4 (thanks to the loss at Seattle week 1)
New York - 5
New Orleans - 6 (or Arizona, not Detroit)

So that means my boys will be facing a re-match of teams we've lost at least one game to, but I can't see us losing in round one of the playoffs. You know, as far as having a bullshit seed (anything less than home field throughout is pretty much a huge hinderance), I suppose a 3-seed isn't the worst thing in the world. That takes us into Green Bay in round 2 as opposed to a hostile Dallas environment. The only team other than the 'Hawks I can see dethroning the 'Boys is the Giants, on account of their defense being maniacle on occasion. They'd need to play better than the last time they met though.

On the flipside, the AFC is about as interesting as typing out the dictionary word for word. It's New England and a bunch of teams who will LOSE to New England, in one way or another.

New England - 1
Indianapolis - 2
Pittsburgh - 3
San Diego - 4
Jacksonville - 5
Tennessee - 6

I couldn't care any less, but I'll give you the rundown. Pittsburgh over Tennessee, Jacksonville over San Diego (thus thrusting them out in the first round again). Indianapolis over the Steelers; New England over SNORRRRRRE!

WHO CARES? Is there any point in even playing the damned thing out? It's my hope that somebody between now and the end of the year, on some defense that's being pounded by 30+ points in the 4th quarter with Brady continuing to drop bombs into Moss's hands, risks suspension and a thorough ass-kicking by the entire Patriots O-line, and just nails the FUCK out of Brady when he's not looking, after the play's over. And then somebody else in the vicinity butts his helmeted head against Belichick's and starts World War III right there on the Pats' home field. Maybe, you know, pull off Brady's pants and forcibly insert things where things probably aren't welcome. I dunno, get creative, it's your season.