Night of the Living Dead Excerpt.

I think I already went over this - because as it turns out, I've seen the original 1968 version of Night Of The Living Dead before - but that movie really has me buggin'!

Quick set-up: zombies on the loose, a man and a woman independently discover an abandoned house and board up all the doors and windows with the zombies outside. The man - a black man - and the woman - a white woman - discover that there are five other people downstairs hiding in the basement (also all white). The coolest part about this movie? Well, first of all there's this jerky white guy in the basement who's no help whatsoever, and the black man puts him in his place, saying, "Up here, I'M in charge!" Then, one by one, the white people are killed by zombies until it's just the black man hiding out in the basement until help arrives. It really throws on its tail the whole notion that the black folk are the first to be killed off in any horror movie.

And then, out of nowhere, mistaking the black man for a zombie, the "Help" that arrives ends up shooting him dead! WTF? That's how it ends!

For a movie that's more hilarious than scary - the zombies clutch their heads in agony just as they're shot in the brain which supposedly kills them for realsies - it's ultimately depressing that in the end every single character we've gotten to know for the first 90 minutes ends up dead. But, I guess that's life, especially when radiation from a satellite orbiting Venus turns the recently dead into the Undead. God I love old movie premises.