In Free Rainbows.

Radiohead is giving away their new album, in downloaded form, for however much fans are willing to pay.

I'm a little torn as to what my moral obligation should be. Obviously, this album is going to be free to the masses regardless; and it's not like I'm in any position to be buying CDs, considering my current financial standing. I was going to download it anyway.

But, now, with this generous gesture to the fans, and considering I put Radiohead in my Top 5 most anticipated album releases of bands who are currently active

Along with

The Mars Volta
The Flaming Lips
Pearl Jam

I just might be compelled to purchase the album with my own money. After all, if you can't monetarily support the bands you most love, then what kind of a music fan ARE you?

Then, I think about the fact that Radiohead doesn't really NEED my money. Considering A. they're well-off enough to make this record without being a part of a record LABEL, and B. most Radiohead fans even more hardcore than me will likely OVERpay because they feel the band is righteous and have never let us down with crappy music. It's that same theory they'd most likely use to say Britney Spears should pay US to listen to her shit music.

Ultimately, what we pay for the album won't matter, since they'll continue garnering considerable revenue from touring, and because they know how to handle the money they've got. They're not blowing it on mansions and unnecessary entourage.

Either way, October 10th, I'm getting that album one way or the other. And it shall rock hard