Just Another Sucky Sunday (whoa-oa-oh).

Random Seahawks Notes:

Jerramy Stevens is starting to build a VERY solid case for Worst Seahawk Ever; in fact, I think he's nearing Worst Seattle Sports Player Ever. First of all, he's a first round pick (and I know, that might've been a stretch, but that year, that low in the draft order, the Seahawks weren't left with many alternatives). He's 6'7, got a perfect Tight End build for an offense that utilizes the tight end. He had an up and down college career with probably more on-field ups than not. And for the first three years he did absolutely nothing. Then, last year he showed some improvement; but he single-handedly lost us a Super Bowl. And now this year he's been injured for half and dropping or fumbling everything thrown his way. Let's not forget the fact that he's a mental case who can't keep his emotions in check on the field or off, with a track record of VERY suspect misdeeds in the public sector.

I mean, let's look at it this way, there have been an endless string of busts on this team. There's the Boz and Dan McGuire and Kelly Stoffer and Rick Mirer. There was the whole Joey Galloway saga in Holmgren's first season, but at least Galloway had an amazing beginning to his career here that sort of offset things. Ken Behring and Tom Flores were particularly obscene and incompetent, but they didn't actually PLAY in games, though they did have influence over poor outcomes. Here's the deal, busts are busts, they happen all the time. Normally you're not counting on a rookie to come in and be a savior for your team. But, for a guy to show so many signs of being able to lock down a position on a team, to indeed probably be the most talented player at that position, and to just lay egg after egg when the game is on the line. I just don't see how you can have confidence in throwing to that guy. Jerramy Stevens is like that unathletic kid on the team who always managed to get open, who would just drop everything in sight because whenever the ball was thrown his way, he'd get so nervous about dropping it that he could never imagine possibly catching it.

And I know there have been a good number of goats in Seattle sports history. Bobby Ayala comes instantly to mind; Jim McIlvaine doesn't stray too far from the top; and who can forget Arthur Rhodes giving up the blast to David Justice or Jeff Fassero's "one-bad-pitch"? Russ Davis never helped your cause out there at third base; Olden Polynice never makes me feel good when I know we could've had Scottie Pippen; seemed like Kendall Gill was always chucking up big shots and missing at the end of games the year he was with us; and you never like to see Adrian Beltre or Richie Sexson up at the plate with runners in scoring position and two outs.

But, you have to know that Jerramy Stevens will need to lose us at LEAST another Super Bowl to trump the biggest Seattle Sports Failure of all time. Because unless you wore number 42 and played power forward for the Supersonics - nearly single-handedly bringing down an entire FRANCHISE while making the NBA maximum, starting, and receiving a third of the offensive touches - you'll never be Seattle Loser #1.

Someone should tell Jerramy Stevens that he owes Vin Baker a bouquet of flowers.

In other news, someone tell these injured fuckers to start getting healthy. I can't handle Spencer hiking the ball to Wallace as he's running for his life because Ashworth couldn't block a Frizbee!!!