Richie Sexson Sucks: Ass, or, How I Finally Got Internet In My New Room.

Here's the thing, I went to Yankee Stadium today because the Mariners were in town and I was hoping for a competative game. Instead, I got a team of bumbling idiots embarassing the everliving SHIT out of me. The hitters couldn't do anything against a stiff, the defense kept shitting their pants whenever a ball was hit their way like the little girlie-boy they always stuck in Deep Right field in grade school, and our pitchers were throwing junk up there like that old guy in Major League.

However, there was one man, there IS one man, who deserves to be singled out and ridiculed, because he's overpaid and he's fucking pathetic. I'm talking about our first baseman - one in a long line of national league semi-studs who come to our team and play like dogshit - one: Richie Sexson. So, until he either

A - gets his average above .200 (this isn't asking a whole lot)
B - gets benched in favor of someone more capable (right now, Butch Husky would fit THAT oversized bill)
C - gets put on the DL with a "Muscle Strain" and rehabs with Tacoma for a couple weeks


D - gets his sorry fucking ass either cut, traded, or suffocated in his sleep,

I'm going to put the words "Richie Sexson Sucks" in every one of these titles to further proliferate the notion that he does in fact suck, sucks hard, sucks long. I'm hoping one day to be able to search the words "Richie Sexson Sucks" on Google and have the number one item. It's a dream.

God, where's Paul Sorrento when you need him?