Victory Is Mine!!!.

I know it isn't much, but it's a start; the Powers That Be within the Seattle Mariners organization have bowed to the pressure cooker that is Mr. Steven A. Taylor and they've gotten Mike Hargrove to BENCH Richie Sexson! For two games. At home. And not because he's 0 for his last 15 at bats and the fans started booing after every out and because he was stranding more men than a downed naval ship. Even though it's only two games and he'll most likely start one of the next few days - if not today - I feel vindicated that my vilification of this really nice guy who's trying his damnedest to get out of this funk and start helping the team (poor Flick) has netted its purpose. One of the stipulations was that he be benched. Well, he be benched.

Besides, if I don't take advantage of this loop hole opportunity, I'll be naming posts after Richie Sexson until the end of man.

Smells like ass, but I'll still miss her.

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