Seattle Seahawks Roxors My World.

I've been trying to write tonight, but I can't seem to keep my attention on my duties when there's a national election going on ...

So, I guess to waste time, I'll go ahead and talk a little Seahawks and NFL here, in what's fast becoming a weekly segment.

You can't say that the Seahawks were looking ahead to the showdown against the Rams when they took on the Raiders in the first of two Monday Night games last night ... unless you consider a 16-0 shutout with nine sacks from our defense (three shy of a single-game record) as "looking ahead." Look, what can I say? We're 1-2 against teams with winning records (1-1 against .500 teams), I'm not gonna say we're Super Bowl bound. Still a lot of ifs in this scenario, but those things get quelled with a victory over the Rams at home this week. If, by the grace of Steve Largent, we manage to win this week, we'll have an insurmountable lead in the division, and then I'll boldly proclaim that the Seahawks can turn their sights to grabbing that Number 1 seed in the NFC.

Regardless of what happens, there are two things I'm certain of: The Chicago Bears are susceptible to sub-.500 teams beating the pants off of them, and the Seattle Seahawks have an inferior schedule down the stretch.

After the Rams, we face San Francisco twice and Arizona once more. I don't care what San Fran did to Minnesota, that HAS to be three wins for us. If it's not, we've got more to worry about than meets the eye right now. Besides those divisional cupcakes, we play both the Bays. Green Bay is a joke, all we have to do is force Favre into his usual assortment of questionable throws and they'll crumble. Tampa Bay, at the end of the season, will be playing for pride with an inexperienced quarterback and a nonexistant running game. Those are five must-wins right there. Then, we play the VERY tough AFC west two more times. San Diego will be in Seattle and that'll be a dogfight. Going to Denver, I'm almost ready to call that an unwinable game. If you thought going into Kansas City was tough, just wait until you're in Denver in the beginning of December. The only hope we have there is the fact that Jake Plummer is completely incompetent, but if we don't rise to the challenge on defense, it won't matter. He could throw ten times in that game as long as their running backs explode for 200+ yards like they're very capable of doing.

It all kinda hinges on this week, though. Looking back from the end of the season, losing to the Rams will make the difference between playing for the Division and playing for Home Field in the playoffs. 'Nuff said.