We're Going.

Can we have a Super Bowl with a nicer city vs. a bigger hellhole?

Man, this wasn't supposed to HAPPEN! This was NEVER supposed to happen! You're looking at the greatest two weeks of your football LIFE right now. Soak it in.

These two weeks are all about jockeying. All about cementing the argument of which team is better. All about generating support from as many talking ESPN heads as humanly possible so you can look over to your opponent (or, the physical embodiment of your opponent, being Mark I. Sloane for the time being) and say, "See! John Clayton says the Seahawks have it ALL OVER those damned Steelers!"

But, more than that, because ultimately it doesn't matter what any moron over at ESPN says, you scour. You devour as much information about both teams, you look for, on paper, how many weaknesses your opponent propagates (again, the physical embodiment of my opponent being Mark I. Sloane).

Because, after all is said and done, and I'm exposed to the mammoth deluge of Steeler-mania from Mark and the Sloane Boys, to the point where every point I make is swallowed up into the abyss, that's when you get to the name-calling. That's when you get to the hairless legs this and receeding hairline that. The back and forth.

Damn, I don't really get to enjoy this to its fullest. The Seahawks entering into their very first Super Bowl ever will SURELY be trumped by a certain trumpeting Sloane Boy as the Steelers being the Greatest Team Ever. And, of course, you've got the public perception. Really, nobody wanted a Seahawks vs. AFC Super Bowl. The only people you've got rooting for us are the dim bulbs who're like, FEMALE, and saying, "Aww, the first time EVER for the Seahawks. I'm gonna cheer them on!" Because there are SO many Steelers fans out there; and they'll be in FULL force come February 5th.

And when all is said and done, there's still a game to be played. It'll be hyped, it'll be loud, it'll be a breath of fresh air for Seahawks fans all over the land. To be a winner for the very first time. But, we haven't won anything yet. We're one of two teams that'll be listed on the all-time Super Bowls list. I want to be that team on the left. I want to be the team with the higher score.

And, yeah, I want to wipe my sweaty ass with a Terrible Towel