The Home Box Office.

The Best 90 Minutes Of Television is back my friends; of course I'm talking about The Sopranos and Entourage. If you haven't seen the first episodes - aired this last Sunday - and you plan on doing so, then feel free to skip this entry.

And just like that, having not seen an episode of The Sopranos until Season 6, Episode 13, I've officially gotten Liz hooked. Now it's up to me and the powers that be with my laptop to come up with the first seasons and see if we can't get those buggers watched in a timely fashion. Getting them in by the end of the month will be an exercise in impossibility, but we might as well make a dent while we're still living together.

You know what I don't get? I was making my usual rounds yesterday, doing my best to not read anything about the episode, and I happened to catch a headline that said something to the effect of The Sopranos Starts Quietly. I don't think an episode could've started more intriguing. Bacala loses his GOD damn mind, attacking Tony, and kicking his ass to boot. If you think Tony's forgetting about that anytime soon, think again. Of course, this is the Sopranos, so storylines tend to end without a word as to why.

Meadow Soprano? She can whack me any day.

Edie Falco? Male or female, one of the best actors alive today. Just amazing to watch on screen.

There's four ways for this show to end: Tony dies, Tony gets arrested and rots in prison, Tony gets arrested and goes into the Witness Protection Program, Tony retires and leaves the family in Christopher's hands. Nearly everyone believes the chances of that last one being zero; and I don't think they'd pull a Goodfellas on us here. Pretty much, anything other than Tony dying at the end of the season wouldn't make much sense, because he's always been a tragic character, a flawed character, and one who seems destined to follow in his father's footsteps.

As for Entourage, well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Jeremy Piven needs to be more famous than he is; Johnny Drama will always be hilarious; Carla Gugino has the greatest rack in all of Hollywood and SHE needs to be more famous than she is; the guy who plays Vince is probably the least talented leading man on television; gay jokes will always be funny as long as Lloyd is around; Asian jokes will always be funny as long as Lloyd is around; Gasian jokes will ALWAYS be funny as long as Lloyd is around!