Sopranos/Entourage Excerpt.

So this new season of the Sopranos is a total mindfuck. Yeah, I got nothin'. I'm rolling dice left and right on theories about how it's going to end, but I keep getting that Magic 8-Ball "Concentrate and ask again" or "Better not tell you now". What the fuck is that anyway? Piece of shit 8-ball, I want ANSWERS!

What have we had so far this season? I'll tell you, we've had diversions. We've had an episode apiece devoted to specific side characters - first with Bacala, then with Christopher, and now with Paulie Walnuts. Not to mention we've got potential Tony-killers popping up left and right - and we don't even know if Tony's gonna get whacked! He could die of natural causes; this whole show could be a Bob Newhart dream; maybe Roseanne wrote this ending too; WE DON'T KNOW! Is it gonna be what's his name from New York whose brother was killed by Tony's cousin? He's the boss now, it would seem. Does Christopher really hate T and is willing to put a bullet in his mentor's head? Has Paulie flipped already and in an effort to preserve his ruse, will he pop the top guy? Will Junior find a way, once and for all, to finish what he started in Season 1? What about Arthur, the restaurant owner? He's got as much beef with Tony as anyone.

I can't handle it. Nevertheless, this season has been exceptionally good so far, last week's episode in particular. I'll take an hour of Paulie Walnuts standing on my head though, that guy's hilarious.

Every Time I Watch The Show Entourage, I Get Left With All-Suffering Blue Balls. I can't get enough of this show! They always leave you wanting more, ALWAYS! 21 minutes is SO not enough time, I don't know why they did it this way. Seriously, couldn't they at least bump me up to 27 or 28 minutes? I mean, I get it that they're looking towards a syndication deal and this is the perfect amount of time to have and still be able to throw in 9 minutes of commercials, but that's what fucking editing machines are for! Besides, it's not like they can throw everything onto the TV version anyway! Either they gotta make the episodes longer or they gotta make more episodes per season, because this is rediculous. I want MORE!

Liz and I are almost finished with Season 3. If I'm correct, then my favorite episode of the Sopranos is on deck, "Pine Barrens". I think that's the one where they try to kill the Russian in the snowy woods, but the Russian gets away and is never heard from again. Hey, maybe that's it. Maybe the Russian (or Russians) will kill Tony! At this point, I'm ready to believe anything.