Tony Soprano, In The Study, With The Wrench!!!.

You know, it's odd. I still can't get over how absolutely DREADFUL that episode was two weeks ago when it was all about Tony's supposed gambling problem and how he owed money to Hesh out of the blue and how he's trying to talk Carm into betting thousands of dollars on a football game. A Jets game at that! And then everything kind of wraps itself up nicely with Hesh's girlfriend somehow dying of a stroke and Tony paying him back the rest of his money and apologizing to Carm for erupting when she didn't bet the money and the Jets ended up covering the spread.

There was, absolutely, no point, to that show. With but nine episodes left in this abbreviated season (or mysterious continuation of the sixth season that started back when I was living in West Seattle), it served absolutely no purpose in finishing out the show.

At least with the first three, there was a sense of impending doom for Tony. Like, it's inevitable that things are going to end badly, it's just a question now as to how? And from whose hands? Then, there's the sore thumb, and now we've had two episodes since that put us right back into the slow march of death.

I can't believe Tony killed Christopher. I saw the car accident coming about nine thousand miles away, but the whole time I only assumed the worst for Tony. Then, Christopher's lungs started filling up with blood, he admitted that he needed to be taken from the seat before a paramedic administered a drug test, and Tony plugged the passageways for breathing.

Never in a million years did I see that one. Christopher has been a fuckup for a long time and Tony's always kept him around and given him repeated chances to atone because of that one thing he's been preaching from the very beginning: Family. Now, I gotta wonder: who WOULDN'T Tony clip because he was worried for his own safety, or his staying out of prison, or because they generally give him a pain in his ass? I gotta think the children are safe, but after that, I think anybody goes. Even Carmella.

Three more episodes to go. And with the quality of the episodes thus far, I have to expect nothing but greatness from here on out. Just the bloody anticipation of it all has me glued.