11:41, boop, beep, boop, beep.

Well! Now you've gone and done it!

Look, I don't know who I should be furious with, but rest assured, I ... Am ... Furious! I'm a grizzly bear in a cage right now and they're just poking me and poking me with a stick; I'm in a blind rage!

Like I said, though, I don't know who's responsible, the writers or the anti-writers. Whatever! I'm just gonna ... walk over here and turn off the lights. Now, I don't care who did it, just whoever's to blame walk up here to the front of the class and put those completed 24 scripts on my desk. Nobody will get in trouble, just ... give us those scripts.


All right, that's it. I didn't want it to come to this, but you forced my hand. Thankfully, 24 has fans in high places. I'm just gonna get president Bush on the phone, he'll take care of this.

Mr. President, hello, it's me. Yeah, the writers' strike is interfering with the start-date of 24. Uh huh, not enough shows in the can and they want to wait until they're sure they can televise an entire uninterrupted season. Uh huh. Well, so far I've got them all in this classroom here tied to their desks and I tried the Turning Out The Lights trick. Well of course we have the night-vision cameras set up ... yes, I said tied to their desks. I see, yes, that would make it difficult for them to walk up and give me the scripts. What? Uhh, NO, I'm not making this call in front of all the -- yes sir. Yes sir. Just give me the word and I'll -- yes sir. Thank you sir.

Well! Guess who just gave me clearance to administer any kind of torture tactics I want! So, here's what we're gonna do. You writers are gonna get off the fucking picket lines and finish those scripts; and you anti-writers, you're gonna give them whatever they want; and then come January, we're all gonna sit down and enjoy ourselves a seventh season of 24 ... or else. Do I make myself clear?