Fiction. Not.


.(2007.6.8) Dirge
.(2007.5.4) Premeditation - The Five Paragraph Story
.(2007.4.8) Moments Before Execution
.(2006.12.8) Surpass
.(2006.4.27) Time To Get A Watch
.(2006.3.31) Undaunted
.(2006.2.25) The Perfect Jerk
.(2005.11.18) Just Lucky I Guess
.(2005.11.4) A Fat Woman Offered to Give Me Oral Sex, But I Declined
.(2005.11.3) The Master's Tomato Garden
.(2005.10.26) Optimistic
.(2005.10.13) The Degenerate Gambler
.(2003.5.30) Teddy Woke Up One Day and Decided To Kill Himself