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Open Up Your, Open Up Your, Open Up Your Throat - Las Vegas Uncensored Part II.(2009.6.23)
The Legend Of The Notorious C.B.J. /++/ The Monday Morning Long-Snapper: Las Vegas Uncensored.(2009.6.22)
12 Hours, 18 Minutes.(2009.6.19)
1 Day, 9 Hours, 33 Minutes.(2009.6.18)
2 Days, 8 Hours, 39 Minutes.(2009.6.17)
3 Days, 10 Hours, 31 Minutes.(2009.6.16)
4 Days, 11 Hours, 11 Minutes - The Monday Morning Long-Snapper Edition.(2009.6.15)
7 Days, 11 Hours, 57 Minutes /++/ 7 Days, 6 Hours, 25 Minutes.(2009.6.12)
8 Days, 10 Hours, 36 Minutes /++/ 8 Days, 7 Hours, 55 Minutes.(2009.6.11)
Movie Review: The Up Hangover /++/ End Of The Day Blues.(2009.6.10)
Seahawks' Weakness: Running Backs?.(2009.6.9)
The Monday Morning Long-Snapper.(2009.6.8)
14 Days, 11 hours, 31 minutes ... /++/ Talkin' Podcasts & Shit.(2009.6.5)
9:55 am /++/ Movies This Summer.(2009.6.4)
Funky Bi-Lingual.(2009.6.3)
The Daily Late Tonight Night Show Report.(2009.6.2)
Tale Of A Sounders Game Nothing.(2009.6.1)
Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga (Sasquatch 2009 Continued).(2009.5.27)
Hey Everybody, Here Comes The Choo-Choo!!!!! (Sasquatch 2009).(2009.5.26)
Getting Antsy For Squatch.(2009.5.21)
Before I Go.(2009.5.19)
Justify My Debt.(2009.5.18)
Caffeine & Hand Granades.(2009.5.15)
Teacher's Ass.(2009.5.11)
Life In & Out Of Reality.(2009.5.8)
All Of That & 1 Bag Of Chips: The Rundown of Prior Events.(2009.5.7)
8:21 pm.(2009.4.12)
It's A Classic Rock Block Party Weekend!.(2009.4.11)
Touching, Clich�d Nirvana Lyric Here.(2009.4.9)
Movie Review: The Reader.(2009.4.3)
Movie Review: Lakeview Terrace.(2009.3.31)
LEAVE ICHIRO ALONE!!!.(2009.3.27)
Steven A. Taylor Has Spoken!.(2009.3.26)
A Week N' Change.(2009.3.25)
8:45 pm.(2009.3.22)
The Weekend To Beat All Weekends /++/ This Is What Happens When You Flick A Stranger In The Abs!.(2009.3.17)
The Cow Says, "Moo".(2009.3.13)
Quotations For Writers On Craft: An Inspiration.(2009.3.12)
Bet You Didn't Know People Were Supposed To Pay Royalties Every Time They Sing "Happy Birthday".(2009.3.11)
Steve Wouldn't Clean Up Shit If He Had A Million Dollars ... Or Would He?.(2009.3.10)
If You'd Be Good To Me, Ohh I'll Be Good To You /++/ Beginning Short Story Writing.(2009.3.9)
A 24 Midpoint Review.(2009.3.6)
Geared Up For A Beat Down.(2009.3.5)
All That & A Pair Of Testicles.(2009.3.4)
Movie Review: The Wrestler.(2009.3.3)
Political Arguments: Shirking The Challenge Of Our Rivals.(2009.3.2)
One More Week.(2009.2.26)
A Tale Of Two Festivals.(2009.2.25)
Tired, Not Sleepy.(2009.2.24)
Steven A. Taylor's Academy Awards Brouhaha (The Curious Case Of Slumdog Milk/Nixon) Round Up.(2009.2.23)
Canada Has The Best Simpsons Re-Runs.(2009.2.17)
Crazy Is As Does.(2009.2.12)
The Grammys Are A Rotting Pile Of Stinking Shit & Other Things I Ignored This Weekend.(2009.2.9)
The Friday Night Syndrome /++/ Status Of The Union.(2009.2.6)
Rooting For A Super Bowl Champion.(2009.1.24)
Steven A. Taylor's Academy Awards Brouhaha (The Curious Case Of Slumdog Milk/Nixon).(2009.1.22)
You Shook Me, Babe.(2009.1.18)
Snow Day In Beacon Hill.(2008.12.18)
Friday Friday, So Good To Be.(2008.12.5)
Cha Cha Lounge & New Kings Rules.(2008.11.23)
Guns N' Roses N' Fuck You.(2008.11.20)
Steven A. Taylor's Potluck Thanksgiving.(2008.11.18)
Obama Wurstfest & Catheters.(2008.11.10)
27 Years, 1 Month, 16 Days.(2008.10.31)
She's 68 But She Says She's 24.(2008.10.27)
An Ode To Neverland.(2008.10.24)
Flow, F-L-O-Dub-Yuh.(2008.10.21)
Yes Ernest, I Do Know What You Mean.(2008.10.16)
I Think I Love You (Gymward Bound, The Incredible Journey).(2008.10.13)
Hammer Of The Metal Gods!.(2008.10.9)
Stimulizing Sounds Like It Should Be A Word.(2008.10.7)
On The Biking Trail.(2008.10.6)
Beacon Hill Living.(2008.10.5)
My Nose Makes Its Own Bubblegum!.(2008.9.26)
Giving Up On Sports /++/ Steven A. Taylor's Drunken Podcast.(2008.9.15)
How CDs Killed The Album /++/ But You, You Had To Move To The City.(2008.9.11)
Fiction: Staying Busy, part VIII - Meeting Mickie.(2008.9.7)
Flabby Arms & American Flags /++/ Fiction: Staying Busy, part VII - Pills!.(2008.8.28)
Jury Duty Day 6 - Exonerated!.(2008.8.26)
Jury Duty Day 5 - A Whole Lotta Nothin'.(2008.8.25)
All-Time Mariners Team Since 1995 /++/ All-Time Seahawks Team Since 1986.(2008.8.24)
Roomies /++/ Fiction: Staying Busy, part VI.III - Fight Club.(2008.8.23)
Jury Duty Day 4 - Flatulence /++/ The Seattle Seahawks Mile Of Honor.(2008.8.21)
Jury Duty Day 3 - Another Tough Day At The Salt Mines.(2008.8.20)
Jury Duty Day 2 - Item Deleted /++/ Fiction: Staying Busy, part VI.II - Requital.(2008.8.19)
Jury Duty Day 1 - I Am Juror #1308946.(2008.8.18)
Fiction: Staying Busy, part VI - The Perfect Crime.(2008.8.15)
Letter To A Starbucks Barrista.(2008.8.14)
Fiction: Staying Busy, part V - Dreams /++/ The Bi-Labial Fricative.(2008.8.13)
The Dark Knight Is Still Number 1 /++/ Fiction: Staying Busy, part IV - The Ritual.(2008.8.11)
Fiction: Staying Busy, part III - Binge & Purge.(2008.8.10)
Fiction: Staying Busy, part II - Strangulation /++/ Prove Me Wrong, Kids. Prove Me Wrong..(2008.8.9)
Staying Busy /++/ Fiction: Staying Busy, part I.(2008.8.5)
The Day It All Went Away.(2008.8.2)
Pig Vagina Batting Donut.(2008.7.29)
Campers, The End Is Nigh!.(2008.7.22)
The Day It All Went Away.(2008.7.16)
He Used To Be A Writer.(2008.6.25)
She Uses Vaseline.(2008.6.10)
100 Geetar Songs.(2008.6.7)
I'm Gonna Be Perfect From Now On.(2008.5.21)
Male + Bosoms = Mosoms.(2008.5.13)
Dude, Looks Like, A Lady.(2008.5.10)
The Quest For 200.(2008.4.27)
The Six Degrees Of Rock N' Roll.(2008.4.19)
I Got Zonked By Monty Hall.(2008.4.17)
Happy Birthday To Me.(2008.4.3)
If You're Like Me.(2008.3.23)
That Time I Bowled A 175.(2008.3.19)
We Control Reality / We Control Your Chemistry Baby /++/ Narrowing Down The Mariners' 25th Man.(2008.3.16)
If I Had A Nickel For Every Time I Was Wrong, I'd Be Broke.(2008.3.13)
Sasquatch's A'Comin'.(2008.3.10)
Josh Brown Is Dead To Me & Other Curious Moves By The Seattle Seahawks.(2008.3.5)
So Much Closer /++/ In Like A Lion ....(2008.3.2)
Steven A. Taylor's Gramacademy Awards Brouhaha (There Will Be No Country For Kanye) Round-Up.(2008.2.25)
Yes ... I Can.(2008.2.19)
Jawbone Tumors /++/ The Self-Indulgent Genius.(2008.2.17)
The One Where The King Of Queens' Jacks Are Aced By Tens Over Nines.(2008.2.13)
A Ten Million Dollar Asterisk /++/ Fuck It, Sports: We Want Mora Mora!.(2008.2.10)
Why Not Hillary?.(2008.2.9)
Why Not Slash?.(2008.2.5)
The Perfect Portland Weekend /++/ Super Thoughts On The Game That Wasn't.(2008.2.4)
It's Over Johnny! It's Over!.(2008.2.1)
You Can't Take The Sky From Me /++/ Things We Did In The 80s To Survive.(2008.1.31)
Bourne To Be Wild!.(2008.1.30)
Now It's My Nausea: The Impending Workaday Schedule.(2008.1.29)
Don't Pity Britney Spears.(2008.1.28)
The Steve! True Hollywood Story: The Monster Mash.(2008.1.27)
She Moaned So Loud When She Came That It Woke The Neighbours Up.(2008.1.24)
In Three Months, Have A Brand New You And A Huge Monster In Your Pants.(2008.1.23)
Steven A. Taylor's Academy Awards Brouhaha (There Will Be No Country For Juno).(2008.1.22)
There Will Be Trilogies.(2008.1.19)
There Will Be Fat Jokes.(2008.1.18)
There Will Be Work.(2008.1.16)
Nipped In The Bud /++/ There Will Be Blood.(2008.1.13)
Attack Of The 50 Foot Screen Actors Guild.(2008.1.11)
The Abominations Are Mine!.(2008.1.8)
Me Look Pretty One Day.(2008.1.7)
21 - A First Round Victory From The Heavens.(2008.1.6)
Susan Sarandon Has The Best Rack In Hollywood.(2008.1.5)
A Hard-Fart Nomination.(2008.1.4)
They Shot Me In Reno, Just To Watch Me Die.(2008.1.3)
Reno Is Disease; I Am Zah Funny Shtuff.(2008.1.2)
Apples & Oranges.(2007.12.29)
she wants to suck on your penis, it's a good thing /++/ The Companion Post: she wants to suck on your penis, it's a good thing.(2007.12.26)
The One Weekend.(2007.12.24)
New York's The Greatest If You Get Someone To Pay The Rent.(2007.12.21)
That Last Post Feels Incomplete, But I'm Moving On Regardless.(2007.12.20)
The 90s Were So Idealogical /++/ A Wintertime Sunset In Central Park.(2007.12.17)
Roger Clemens Is A Big Fat Cheaty-Cheat Cheaterson /++/ It's The Final Countdown (ba-na-na-na, ba-na-NA-na-na)Boners Getting Boners /++/ 2 Analogies: Climbing Mount Everest.(2007.12.14)
10:46 am /++/ 11:01 am /++/ Fuck It, Sports: Boone Stutz, We Hardly Knew Ye /++/ Hey Kids, Rock N' Roll, Rock Hall! /++/ Friday.(2007.12.13)
Invader ZIM: A Classic Cartoon /++/ After The Fantasy Grieving Period.(2007.12.12)
Theories From A Haggard Runner.(2007.12.11)
The Old Man Looks A Little Agitated - A Championship Performance /++/ Compiling Your Very Own Christmas Compilation /++/ Vodka In Training.(2007.12.10)
Phil Hartman's Not Turbo Man.(2007.12.8)
Six Feet Under - Almost Over: The Predictions /++/ Steven A. Taylor's Grammy Award Bru-ha-ha /++/ The Temping Conundrum.(2007.12.7)
Candidates, Please Raise Your Hand If You Are AGAINST Paroling Raping Murderers /++/ Why All My NFL Picks Will Win This Week, Upsets Abound.(2007.12.6)
I'm Dishin' Out Blues; I'm Upsetting Like Bad News.(2007.12.5)
Long Live Emperor Putin! /++/ Tuesday Afternoon Punter.(2007.12.4)
The Power Of 10 Grinches + 2 /++/ Taking It Easy On The Eagles.(2007.12.3)
Redemption Songs.(2007.12.2)
It's a Chinese baby! /++/ Sebastian & Axl, Sitting In A Tree, R-O-C-K-I-N-G.(2007.12.1)
Here it is. My first "journal" entry for you turn into compelling fiction. /++/ Yeah, I Could Eat.(2007.11.30)
The Happy Hours /++/ Fuck It, Sports (The Return) /++/ Six Feet Under Mid Series Report.(2007.11.29)
My Dick Wants Pussy ... and Pizza ... and Santa.(2007.11.27)
Get The Picture?.(2007.11.26)
D.C. Thanksgiving and Jizz On The Waitress's Tits /++/ Ramming Home A Victory With Ramming Speed.(2007.11.25)
Lew's Your Lunch.(2007.11.24)
NFL Playoff Predictions.(2007.11.21)
I'm giving you a choice: either put on these glasses or start eatin' that trash can. /++/ Not This Year!.(2007.11.19)
The Beginning of The End of The Beginning.(2007.11.16)
Lifting The Towlie Ban.(2007.11.14)
Oh What A Good Boy Am I.(2007.11.11)
Heads or Tails; Call It, Friend-O.(2007.11.10)
11:41, boop, beep, boop, beep /++/ What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving? /++/ OUTBREAK! - The 4-West Horror Story Spectacular: (Part II).(2007.11.8)
Sweet Sweetback's Tireless Efforts.(2007.11.7)
It�s Bwibney, Bwibch!.(2007.11.6)
Deal Me A Fucking Meal.(2007.11.5)
Crave The Crave.(2007.11.3)
The Bastard Son of a Hundred Maniacs - The 4-West Horror Story Spectacular: The Prequel (Part II).(2007.10.31)
Get it, WHERE are the wolves, and it's about werewolves ... nevermind /++/ The Bastard Son of a Hundred Maniacs - The 4-West Horror Story Spectacular: The Prequel (Part I).(2007.10.30)
The Sun Comes Up And I Still Don't Want To Come Home /++/ Where Are The Wolves?.(2007.10.28)
Friday The 13th Part III.(2007.10.27)
Workplace Enlightenment.(2007.10.26)
Good Morning/Afternoon, This Is Steven. How May I Direct Your Call? Hold Please..(2007.10.23)
Horrorfest 2007.(2007.10.21)
What Is The Primary Main Objective? /++/ The Strictly Superficial Sexiness Post.(2007.10.19)
So What Have We Learned?.(2007.10.17)
How Ironic Can You Get Without, Like, Puking?.(2007.10.15)
Get Away From Her You Bitch!.(2007.10.14)
Quit Being Stupid!.(2007.10.12)
35 years old, thrice divorced, and living in a VAN down by the RIVER!.(2007.10.10)
Where Have All The Horror Films Gone?.(2007.10.9)
Do I Look Like Quentin Tarantino? /++/ Why Am I Working On Columbus Day Parade?.(2007.10.8)
The Descent? It's Decent..(2007.10.5)
There's A Sadness About Him /++/ Butterfly Kisses For Pinkeye.(2007.10.4)
My Heart Feels Like A Mouth Full Of Sores.(2007.10.3)
New York Mets, Congratulations on Your Record-Breaking Season.(2007.10.2)
Wide Awake With A Bullitt!.(2007.10.1)
14! He Worked Out 14 Days! ... In A Row?.(2007.9.30)
I know what you're thinking, "Did he really download Dirty Harry with Swedish subtitles?".(2007.9.29)
Whenever I'm about to do something, I stop and think: "Would an idiot do that?" /++/ The One That Got Away.(2007.9.28)
You Really Licked His Ass! /++/ O.R. They?.(2007.9.27)
Oh You Men.(2007.9.26)
Four Westerns /++/ If Friends Were Flowers, I'd Pick You!.(2007.9.24)
Six Days Addicted To Top Ramen.(2007.9.22)
The Jena Six Legal Defense /++/ Nothing New To Update.(2007.9.21)
Ih Wur Suh-day, In A Ah-Thon /++/ It's The Garry Shandling Show.(2007.9.20)
My So-Called Affinity For Television /++/ Steve's Top Ramen Diet /++/ Thank You, Tonight We Review An Aging Charles Bronson in "Death Wish 9".(2007.9.19)
Saturday 2, or, 1:25 To Yuma /++/ Friday 2, or, Boy I Sure Do Enjoy Not Hearing Rave Music unce unce unce unce unce unce unce unce /++/ Thursday, or, All I Thought It Would Be And Less /++/ Wednesday, or, I Can Finally Say I've Puked On Liberty Island /++/ Tuesday, or, ANFNY /++/ Sunday & Monday, or, Beer No Beer /++/ Saturday 1, or, Playing Possum in Club Midway /++/ Friday 1, or, My Brother's New York Vacation Spectacular /++/ My Underworld Revelation /++/ Ayo, I'm Tired of Using Technology.(2007.9.17)
"A Black Female Of Ample Bulk".(2007.9.8)
Two Minutes In Heaven Is Better Than One Minute In Heaven.(2007.9.6)
Every Other City We Go, Every Other Video /++/ You Could Be A Part Time Model; You'll Probably Have To Keep Your Regular Job.(2007.9.5)
Red Devil & Man Tits Galore.(2007.9.2)
The King of Kong: A Fistful of Fists!.(2007.9.1)
More Employed Than Employed.(2007.8.30)
Movies Movies Movies MOVIES!!!!.(2007.8.29)
The Beta Male is helpless in the face of charging, unimaginary bosoms.(2007.8.28)
Texas, in the Present Tense.(2007.8.27)
I've Yet To Miss A Single Episode of The Jetsons.(2007.8.22)
Hurricane Dean & The Humidity Scene.(2007.8.20)
The Harder I Work, The Luckier I God Damn Get.(2007.8.14)
Defending Denis Leary: The Bill Hicks Legacy.(2007.8.13)
We Attack!!! Attack Attack With Pesticide.(2007.8.10)
Songs To Fuck Too.(2007.8.9)
The Tattoo Interview /++/ The One Day I Spent In Chicago.(2007.8.7)
Teeth & Tits, Dentistry & Pron.(2007.8.1)
Getting A Tattoo.(2007.7.31)
I want you to hit me as hard as you can.(2007.7.30)
His Return.(2007.7.28)
You Wash Your Mouth Out With ... Steve!.(2007.7.19)
Steve: Gypsy King of the U.S..(2007.7.11)
I Wanna See A Techno Band!.(2007.7.10)
More Than Beats The Meat.(2007.7.6)
Sicko Needs His Med-i-cal.(2007.7.3)
Sycophant July & Die Hard With A Vigilance.(2007.7.1)
Being Me Is A Full Time Job & I've Never Missed A Day.(2007.6.29)
You. Can. Count. On. Me. No Matter What You Do.(2007.6.28)
The Forward Pass /++/ Clusterfuck: 2008 /++/ The Art of Seeing Through the Relatively Hot Co-worker.(2007.6.26)
Electric White Castle Acid Test.(2007.6.25)
Steven From Tacoma.(2007.6.22)
There's Many Places Like Home, But No Place Like LiveJournal.(2007.6.21)
Steven A. Taylor Explains It All.(2007.6.16)
Drunk N' Hungover.(2007.6.15)
Powered By Steve.(2007.6.13)
Don't Stop ... Believin'!!! /++/ Spoiling The Sopranos Finale /++/ Unrelated Passage of Time At Work.(2007.6.11)
The Comeback Kids Strike Again!!.(2007.6.10)
The Sopranos Speculator.(2007.6.8)
Voicebox Pitchman In Bunyan Country /++/ Novelty Always Wanes In Popularity When It Eventually Turns Into Familiarity.(2007.6.7)
We Live Like Creatures, We Love Like Homicide.(2007.6.6)
Who I Read, Myself Aside.(2007.6.5)
Who Killed Laura Palmer? /++/ Gods n' Sods.(2007.6.4)
Rome Video.(2007.6.3)
Thirteen! Thirteen!.(2007.6.2)
The Sycophant June.(2007.6.1)
The Sycophant Perspective.(2007.5.31)
Ancient Roman Lesbians Cleaning My Bathroom.(2007.5.30)
an incurable strand of dick warts /++/ MTV Was Never THAT Great.(2007.5.29)
Bodymore, Murdaland.(2007.5.27)
FUCK ME IN MY BRAIN!!!.(2007.5.25)
Rock Hard, Washerboard Fl-abs!.(2007.5.24)
Savior - Thy Name Is Kevin Durant.(2007.5.23)
Heads Up 7-Up.(2007.5.22)
Victory Is Mine!!! /++/ Bushmills? That's Protestant Whiskey! - Season 3 of The Wire.(2007.5.21)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Pervasively, or, Help Wanted in Astoria.(2007.5.19)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Obscenely.(2007.5.18)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Mellifluously, or, Riding It Out in the Fast Food Generation /++/ Richie Sexson Sucks: Nuts, or, Steven's Impending Apology.(2007.5.17)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Longtime, or, ... and FINALLY We're Done.(2007.5.16)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Knob, or, Tony Soprano, In The Study, With The Wrench!!!.(2007.5.15)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Jock, or, Cheese It! The Feds!.(2007.5.14)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Immensely, or, I Work ... Too ... Hard!.(2007.5.12)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Hella, or, Weekend With the Wire.(2007.5.11)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Forever, or, My Mariners Mania /++/ Richie Sexson Sucks: Gonads, or, Seattle Seahawks 2007 Schedule, Game By Game.(2007.5.10)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Eagerly, or, Pinpointing Where 24 Jumped The Shark.(2007.5.9)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Balls, or, The Mariners Bring Da Sodo Mojo to Yankee Stadium /++/ Richie Sexson Sucks: Cock, or, Getting Fit in Astoria /++/ Richie Sexson Sucks: Dick, or, Men Aren't Fat, Only Fat Women Are Fat.(2007.5.7)
Richie Sexson Sucks: Ass, or, How I Finally Got Internet In My New Room.(2007.5.6)
Sports Moments.(2007.5.4)
Lunchtime Follies /++/ The Gritty Nitty: Moving In Shenanigans.(2007.5.3)
I Have Moved.(2007.5.2)
What's Been Keeping Me Up At Night /++/ Too Tired To Title.(2007.5.1)
Decisions Decisions /++/ D-Day, NFL Draft Recap /++/ 'Remember When' is the lowest form of conversation.(2007.4.30)
Movie Movies MOVIES!!!.(2007.4.27)
I just want to lose enough weight so that my tits doesn't jiggle when I brush my teeth. /++/ I'm so fucking bored I could fucking puke water balloons.(2007.4.26)
Bettin' on the Bull in the Heather.(2007.4.25)
(Area Code) Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba, Ba-BA.(2007.4.24)
Get it all out of the way.(2007.4.23)
Jesus Camp & The Samuel Alito Connection.(2007.4.22)
'Face of Evil' /++/ Fuck It, Sports.(2007.4.19)
I'm Smiling, But I'm Not Laughing.(2007.4.18)
The Phantom Journal Post.(2007.4.17)
You Have To Be Careful With Scissors! /++/ The Decline of Western Civilization Part II - The Metal Years.(2007.4.16)
Iron Chef: Bushwick.(2007.4.14)
Wu-Tang is Here Forever, Motherfuckers!.(2007.4.13)
Ha-Ha, I-Mess, Get It?.(2007.4.12)
Big Yawn.(2007.4.11)
The Home Box Office.(2007.4.10)
Excuse me, Miss, what's the Film Du Jour.(2007.4.9)
The Cats Are Fucking On Halsey Street.(2007.4.8)
An Ode To The New Drunk Vers.(2007.4.7)
A Eulogy for The Commons /++/ Home In July.(2007.4.6)
Sab O Tage /++/ Stevele Maps /++/ I'm On Mah Waaaayeeee ....(2007.4.5)
I'm still not buying Tom Lennox /++/ Fast Times In Bushwick /++/ The Bigger Dance @
That's So E. Howard /++/ President Bush: The Fucking Son Of A Bitch.(2007.4.3)
The Sycophant Revolution Begins /++/ The Girls In The Band.(2007.4.2)
The Lows & The Really Fucked Up Lows of the Music Industry.(2007.4.1)
All These, Questions? What, Me Worry?.(2007.3.30)
You take the summer home in the Hamptons, but I'm keeping the Lamborghini!!!! /++/ Taco Del White Castle.(2007.3.29)
Arcade Fire vs. Modest Mouse, the final countdown.(2007.3.27)
TV Shows Fallen By The Wayside /++/ The Rest of the Weekend.(2007.3.26)
Drinking Black Coffee, Staring At The Wall.(2007.3.23)
The Ides of March 21st.(2007.3.21)
The Sun Is The Same In The Relative Way.(2007.3.19)
It Ain't Easy Being Green.(2007.3.18)
Another Year Older and More of the Same Shit.(2007.3.17)
Nothing Rhymes With Nine Fucking Dollars For A Fucking Gallon Of Orange Juice ... and Silver.(2007.3.15)
OHHH, Naggers ....(2007.3.14)
Kurt Russel & Steven A. Taylor Are: Death Proof!.(2007.3.13)
The Mighty Mighty Boston.(2007.3.12)
Rolling Stone Magazine: The Definitive Bullshit Incarnate.(2007.3.11)
The Continuing Saga of the Halsey Street Stabber /++/ The Definitive Bullshit.(2007.3.8)
Seahawks Free Agency Report.(2007.3.7)
And If You Complain Once More /++/ ... They Make No Sense To Me / They Come To Our Country ....(2007.3.6)
Movie Review.(2007.3.5)
Sycophant Picnic Dot Com.(2007.3.4)
And Then There Were Three /++/ Closing The Door On The Brain-Dead Whore.(2007.3.1)
The Tooter The Sweeter.(2007.2.28)
For Your Consideration /++/ Steven A. Taylor's Academy Awards Brouhaha (The Departed Little Miss Babel of Men Remix) Round Up /++/ One More Now and One More Later and That's It, I Promise /++/ What Did I Watch The O.C. For?.(2007.2.26)
Suck as Much as you Can!.(2007.2.25)
Jim Tobleson's a fucking Chatty Cathy!.(2007.2.23)
Cool Band Name Idea: The Disappointing Tits /++/ Take This Internet & Shove It.(2007.2.22)
I'm A Terrible Excuse For A Thug! /++/ Melanoma Head's coming!.(2007.2.21)
Fat Tuesday = More Free Boobies For Me.(2007.2.20)
Sunny, Clear Skies ... and 15 Degrees /++/ "Britney Spears Is Dead To Me" or "I! Have! No! Dumb! Bitch!".(2007.2.19)
A Paper Memory Of Things That Had Happened.(2007.2.16)
... if somebody took me to the TOP of the empire state building ....(2007.2.15)
Valentines Love (For A Change) /++/ Temporary Shelf Life.(2007.2.14)
Movin' On Up /++/ The Weekend That Wasn't Even A 'Kend.(2007.2.13)
a/s/l - 39/f/autopsy room, dead as a fucking doornail.(2007.2.9)
I Can See For Trials & Trials /++/ What Comes After zScalawag?.(2007.2.8)
God I hate the fucking NBA.(2007.2.7)
Steve's Latest Get-Rich-Never Scheme.(2007.2.6)
Mr. Taylor's Evil Empire.(2007.2.5)
Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today..(2007.2.2)
The 4-Day Hangover.(2007.2.1)
White Castle & Three Days @ The Statue: Konstantin Does New York City.(2007.1.30)
The State of the State of the Union.(2007.1.24)
The Jack Bauer Power Hour In Review /++/ Steven A. Taylor's Academy Awards Brouhaha (The Departed Little Miss Babel of Men Remix).(2007.1.23)
Ooouh ... Ahh ... Ooouh ... Ahh ... /++/ President Or No President /++/ An Addendum: The Political Issues On My Mind.(2007.1.22)
Drunken Thoughts On Politics While Listening To The Beatles & Drinking Wine.(2007.1.20)
Ziti For Brains.(2007.1.19)
My Sex & My Drugs & My Rock & Roll Are My Own Fuckin' Business /++/ Perverts, Morons, Elitists, Hipsters, Yuppies, & Strangers.(2007.1.18)
Why Can't My Life Be More Like Jack Bauer's in Most Ways Except For The Crying?.(2007.1.17)
Bread (Living Just Enough, Just Enough) /++/ The Shit In The Middle (Round 2) /++/ Bread (Two Depressing Movies I Saw) /++/ The Sons of Former Slaves and The Sons of Former Slaveowners - An MLK Day Original.(2007.1.15)
Quit Rubbing My Leg You Bloody BOWSERS!.(2007.1.13)
Fucking Fucking Shit.(2007.1.12)
Ankles & Iraq.(2007.1.11)
Steve Loves Company.(2007.1.10)
California ... CALIFORNIA ....(2007.1.9)
How Am I Not Myself? How Am I Not Myself? How Am I Not Myself? /++/ Rally The Troops/++/ It's My Journal & I'll Write If I Want To!.(2007.1.8)
Round 1.(2007.1.7)
'Cause Everyone's My Friend In New York City.(2007.1.6)
Are you fat? When you go jogging, do you leave potholes?.(2007.1.5)
Like 2006, But Way More Fuckin'.(2007.1.4)
The Seattle Reflection.(2007.1.3)
A long long long long time ago, before the wind, before the snow.(2007.1.2)
You're Older Than You've Ever Been / And Now You're Even Older.(2007.1.1)
The Seattle Finale.(2007.1.1)
Christmas Right On Time!.(2006.12.27)
Puking and Trani's and Yoga OH MY!!!.(2006.12.23)
It Wouldn't Be A Very Steven Vacation If He Didn't Lose Something Important.(2006.12.21)
Playing That Ketchup Game.(2006.12.19)
dunderhead99's Christmas Vacation.(2006.12.16)
Wrapping Up, News & Notes.(2006.12.13)
If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as it is: infinite.(2006.12.12)
Tooooons. GAMES! A-geemail ... /++/ Christmas Time Means Pre-sents ... For Me!.(2006.12.11)
Deck Da Harrs With Barrs of Horry.(2006.12.9)
I Want To Go ... As Fast As I Can ... /++/ You're One To Talk ... BUCK!.(2006.12.8)
Clots and Clogs and ....(2006.12.7)
I know what you're thinking: you want some of this Vitamin Stud!.(2006.12.6)
Cath-o-lic Schoolgirlsrule! /++/ The Final Frontier.(2006.12.5)
sunday Sunday SUNDAY!.(2006.12.4)
History Is Just One Fuckin' Thing After Another.(2006.12.2)
Seattle Sports Roundup /++/ You Are Now Dumber For Having Read This.(2006.12.1)
Take My Breath Away /++/ The Completion of the Great American Improv Novel.(2006.11.30)
Writing in my gournal. I write my thoughts in it every day..(2006.11.29)
We Sent Them PACKing ... With A LOSS!!!.(2006.11.28)
The Tragic Tale of Sean Bell in Queens.(2006.11.27)
Ste-ven Runs! Ste-ven Runs With Me!.(2006.11.25)
esreveR nI gnivigsknahT.(2006.11.24)
The Long, Long, Long, Long Pearl Jam Discussion.(2006.11.22)
Dey Tuk Urr Jurbs!.(2006.11.21)
Just Another Sucky Sunday (whoa-oa-oh).(2006.11.20)
A Steve Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand!.(2006.11.18)
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? /++/ I got LOTS of drama I didn't even ask for ... fuck me.(2006.11.16)
The Typical Day: Temping Style.(2006.11.15)
Can't Find A ... Working Man.(2006.11.13)
Rock And Roll Ain't Gonna Die.(2006.11.11)
Foot In Door Disease.(2006.11.9)
Seattle Seahawks Roxors My World; Democrats Pwning Congress.(2006.11.8)
The Story of Steve & The Hookers Who Love His Money.(2006.11.7)
The Four-Way Journal Post: Raphael /++/ The Four-Way Journal Post: Winston Zeddemore /++/ The Four-Way Journal Post: Toad /++/ The Four-Way Journal Post: Marissa Cooper.(2006.11.4)
Your Head A Splode.(2006.11.3)
Laptop Temporarily Fixed: Sorry For The Convenience.(2006.11.1)
Sad Sack Seahawks.(2006.10.30)
Hairy Vaginas.(2006.10.28)
An Evening With Used To Be Women.(2006.10.26)
Nighty Night.(2006.10.25)
Two Weeks Off.(2006.10.23)
Penis Shots and Pot Smoking with a Hint of Anti-Semitism ... we call ourselves The Aristocrats!.(2006.10.21)
Obsessed with Fantasy, Possessed with My Schemes.(2006.10.19)
That's Just How She Passed Out; Thank You Slow Gas Leak.(2006.10.18)
What's The Weather Like Up Your Own Ass?.(2006.10.17)
I Peed With Jim Gaffigan, and other stories of Eric & Steve Glory.(2006.10.15)
She Told Me To Come But I Was Already There.(2006.10.14)
And then the Lord said, "Let There Be Bedbugs!".(2006.10.13)
Praying To The God of Skinny Punks.(2006.10.12)
Dude, These Are Isotopes.(2006.10.11)
NaNoWriMo Geeks & The Social Misfit Who Loves Them.(2006.10.10)
Go Home & Get Your Fuckin' Shine Box!.(2006.10.8)
The Only True Currency in this Bankrupt World is What You Share With Someone Else When You're Uncool.(2006.10.7)
You're KILLING me ... get it? /++/ It's Called Vegetarian Chili, Holmes.(2006.10.6)
Kon's Birthday Mini-Play (In One Act).(2006.10.5)
Large Fries, Pie, Large Coffee, NOW! Y'all Got That In There?.(2006.10.4)
The Simpson Sister Shit-Eating Sandwich.(2006.10.2)
I'm just saying that it's fuckin' dangerous to have a racecar in the fuckin' red.(2006.9.30)
If you're down with P, then you're down with me /++/ My Love ....(2006.9.29)
Is That Something You Might Be Interested In?.(2006.9.28)
I Think I Found My Life's Motto.(2006.9.26)
Man, don't GIVE me this jive shit! /++/ Motherfuck You and Your Jinx /++/ Oh Come On Now, Who Needs Human Rights?.(2006.9.25)
Half Italian, Half Spick.(2006.9.24)
Maggie Gyllenhaal's the kind of actress I could watch in ANY movie for two hours.(2006.9.22)
Fucking & Sucking & fucking & sucking /++/ Anatomy of a Quality Drunk Dial.(2006.9.20)
It's A Journey Marathon.(2006.9.19)
Progress, progress, shit, shinola, and everything in the middle. /++/ I Suck At Fantasy Football.(2006.9.17)
I Want My HGTV /++/ Shots Fired On Halsey Street, One Man Down.(2006.9.16)
Fucking Mosquitos Are Killing Me.(2006.9.14)
These Chocolate Covered Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty.(2006.9.13)
Don't You Take It Personal /++/ I Think You Hear Me Knockin' and I Think I'm Comin' In.(2006.9.10)
Emily et Steven Go To Sputnik.(2006.9.9)
Harold et Kumar chassent le burger.(2006.9.8)
Watch Out For The Closing Doors.(2006.9.7)
Hiding From The Hassidic Jews on Halsey Street.(2006.9.5)
For Those Who Think Moving To New York Is Going To Change Me.(2006.9.4)
Chewbacca's Got A Big Ol' Butt.(2006.9.3)
Damned Unreliable Internet.(2006.9.2)
The Severed Foot is the Ultimate Stocking Stuffer.(2006.8.31)
Drip Drip Drip.(2006.8.29)
Look Who Got Off His Lazy Ass ....(2006.8.28)
Unoriginal Opening Title /++/ Terry Mulholland is the Coolest.(2006.8.26)
We're Up & Running.(2006.8.26)
A Seattle Farewell.(2006.8.24)
The Last Days, Part 2: Wednesday.(2006.8.23)
The Last Days, Part 1: Tuesday.(2006.8.22)
Inter-Trip Post 10.(2006.8.21)
Inter-Trip Post 9.(2006.8.14)
Inter-Trip Post 8.(2006.8.13)
Inter-Trip Post 7.(2006.8.11)
Inter-Trip Post 6.(2006.8.9)
Inter-Trip Post 5.(2006.8.8)
Inter-Trip Post 4.(2006.8.6)
Inter-Trip Post 2 /++/ Inter-Trip Post 3.(2006.8.4)
Inter-Trip Post 1.(2006.7.31)
Steve-O's Going Away Fuck-It-All Bash.(2006.7.29)
All Right, Chums, Let's Do This!.(2006.7.27)
The Lame Duck Savant.(2006.7.26)
2006 Taylor Family Campout /++/ The Slapdash Bookend Pearl Jam Review.(2006.7.25)
The Slapdash Pearl Jam Review.(2006.7.21)
Empty Out.(2006.7.19)
Phase Two: ???.(2006.7.15)
Screw 'Em & Lose 'Em, That's My Motto.(2006.7.12)
Two Posts: "The Day I Gave My Notice" and "The Rest of The Weekend That Was".(2006.7.11)
The Last Time I'll Ever Play Backyard Baseball.(2006.7.9)
Girls Night At Safeco Field.(2006.7.7)
Just Another Day (And The Subsequent 'I Hate America' Rant).(2006.7.5)
I just want to do Megan in the ass a few times, is that so wrong?.(2006.7.4)
The Death Sentence.(2006.7.3)
Worlds Colliding.(2006.7.2)
Tecmo Bowl Drives Me Craaaaa-zaaaaay.(2006.6.30)
A.W.O.L. (The 30-Minute Post).(2006.6.29)
Vancouver Never Saw The Taylor Boys Coming.(2006.6.27)
I wish Porn would stop trying to be my MySpace friend.(2006.6.22)
You Should See My Iowan Gal.(2006.6.21)
I'm just trying to hold it together until.(2006.6.20)
Double-Punch Mondays.(2006.6.19)
What The Crappie?.(2006.6.18)
Those last six months I was a ghost.(2006.6.15)
Rejected Passages from the Claims Assistant Manual /++/ Tru-ly Love-ly.(2006.6.14)
Weed, Disappointment ... I agree with me ... HBO Whore ... Future Plans & Camping Hands.(2006.6.12)
J.D. Taylor: Son, Brother, American, McDonalds Assistant Manager ... Father?.(2006.6.10)
I'm Just Keeding!!!.(2006.6.9)
I just thought of something.(2006.6.8)
Beer Golf & Cigar Smoke.(2006.6.7)
Troubled Souls Unite, We Got Ourselves Tonight /++/ To The 5 William S. Burroughs.(2006.6.6)
I'm Just About A Moonlight Mile On Down The Road.(2006.6.4)
Wenches Ain't Shit But Hoes & Tricks.(2006.6.3)
Excerpts from My Latest Letter to Jenny in New York.(2006.6.2)
The Epic Experience Continues.(2006.5.31)
Steve is a Writer, a Writer of Fictions - A Very Sasquatch Memorial Day.(2006.5.30)
This Guy Is A Total Cocksmoker.(2006.5.29)
Ignatius J. Taylor Goes To The Dentist.(2006.5.25)
When Will I Post Next?.(2006.5.24)
And That's The Tooth!.(2006.5.23)
The West Seattle Hermit.(2006.5.20)
Post 500 - You Are A Witness.(2006.5.19)
Gun It! ... (two seconds later) ... He's Down!.(2006.5.14)
White Lugz & Huge J-- ... Pectorals.(2006.5.13)
If We're So Smart, Why Do We Work Here? /++/ The Gateway Drug.(2006.5.12)
I'm Totally Cereal.(2006.5.11)
Two More Days of This Shit, Then I Buy Real Groceries.(2006.5.10)
Steve & Kon�s August 2006 Road Trip Extravaganza /++/ The Summer Makes Me Totally Horny.(2006.5.9)
Tara Teaches Steve What It Means To Be A Man /++/ Nate Has A Boat /++/ Kon's Friends: Matisyahu and Venus Demilo.(2006.5.7)
In Space, No One Can Hear You Sneeze.(2006.5.4)
Am I A Good Person? /++/ The End Is The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning.(2006.5.2)
Foreigner vs. Foreigners.(2006.5.1)
Shit, I almost forgot to give this a title again!.(2006.4.30)
I almost forgot to give this thing a title!.(2006.4.29)
He's acting dumb; that's what you've come to expect.(2006.4.28)
Il Fornaio is Italian for "The Fornaio".(2006.4.27)
Dick Suck Pussy.(2006.4.25)
Here I am, once again drowning in another late Sunday night, with deep reflection pulling me under..(2006.4.24)
I'm going on vacation, hand me that box of ammo /++/ She's Lookin' Like A Hundred Dollars!.(2006.4.23)
I just hate to see a person waste perfectly good journal material.(2006.4.21)
What the hell's WRONG with you people??? /++/ Steven is a great asset to our Department.(2006.4.20)
You wanna talk some jive! I'll talk some jive! /++/ This one's just all over the place, and it really goes nowhere in the end. Read on at your own peril.(2006.4.19)
You cannot do that, sir. You don�t have the power!.(2006.4.18)
If Drinking an XXL Monster Energy Drink at 8pm on a Sunday Night Were Cool ....(2006.4.17)
The word's suppression gives it the power, the violence, the viciousness /++/ Don't give this thing some fancy title that'll run the risk of being repeated later.(2006.4.15)
Talk about your Good fuckin' Fridays.(2006.4.14)
Now It's My Nausea.(2006.4.13)
My gut is telling me no. But my gut is also very hungry..(2006.4.12)
Hour Long Prairie Dog Conversations ... Now a Roadtrip???.(2006.4.11)
Maybe August 1st I'll Leave Seattle For New York.(2006.4.10)
Anna Benson Will NOT Make The Final 4.(2006.4.9)
We're taking advice from this hairless freak???.(2006.4.7)
Will someone please explain to me what's going on on the O.C? /++/ Will someone please explain to me what's going on on 24? /++/ Will someone please explain to me what's going on on the Sopranos? /++/ Will someone please explain to me what's going on on Deal or No Deal?.(2006.4.6)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah.(2006.4.5)
Burrito Love Don't Love Me.(2006.4.4)
A Westful Weetweet.(2006.4.3)
Chicken Strips & Absolutely!.(2006.4.2)
How Exactly Would One Go About Sucking A Fuck? /++/ The One Where Steve Says "Fuck You".(2006.3.31)
I'm-a Die High.(2006.3.30)
In The Shadow of Yesterday's Triumph /++/ So-So-My, So-So-My.(2006.3.29)
Or, you know, For Shizzle or something.(2006.3.27)
Don't Mess With Taxes.(2006.3.26)
Dude, that U Conn coach really needs to be impaled with a rusty pipe.(2006.3.25)
LS I Love U (Die UConn Die!!!).(2006.3.23)
I Got A Head And An Arm In A Garbage Can /++/ Every group has that one person everyone else makes fun of ....(2006.3.21)
My Friends, They Always Come Through For Me.(2006.3.19)
March 18, 1981.(2006.3.18)
Steven A. Taylor's An Old Man, Ha-Ha-Ha.(2006.3.17)
Kinski's Playing on Saturday ... Mudhoney on Friday ....(2006.3.16)
When You're Not Strong.(2006.3.15)
March 14th is my dad's birthday. Everyone wish the 49er Miner a happy 49th..(2006.3.14)
Also Known As: "Can I Just Get the 12-Week Subscription?".(2006.3.13)
The Classic Game of World Domination.(2006.3.12)
R.I.P. Edgar Allen Stiles (2005 - 2006).(2006.3.11)
You're a Pisces!!!.(2006.3.10)
"Sign?" ... Ladies Welcome.(2006.3.8)
Control F ... "M-A-R-I-O".(2006.3.7)
Steven A. Taylor's Academy Awards Brouhaha Round-Up.(2006.3.6)
Night Three, Part 1 /++/ Night Three, Part 2.(2006.3.5)
Night Two (Whhhhhoooooaaaaaa!).(2006.3.4)
Night One.(2006.3.3)
Fuck This.(2006.3.1)
No Fucking Deal!!!!! /++/ #80 WorkPost.(2006.2.28)
22.4 Seconds Of Glory (and I'm not talking about my sex life, in case you were wondering) /++/ Butt-Fuck Man.(2006.2.27)
Quiet Shorts Link.(2006.2.26)
You're going to hate yourself in the morning if you sit and read all of this /++/ Dim Some & Turkey Bowling.(2006.2.25)
The Belligerent Drunk Sleeps Not Much /++/ The Belligerent Drunk Sleeps Not Much, Part 2.(2006.2.24)
The Fundamental Principles of Drama.(2006.2.23)
Who's The Freak Now?.(2006.2.22)
Breathe, Count to Ten, Wear the Poncho, and Relax.(2006.2.21)
There's A Reason It's 4-West 4-Life.(2006.2.20)
21 more CDs sold, 45 more dollars gained ... SHUT UP! I spent NO MONEY on those CDs, I swear!.(2006.2.19)
And this is why you don't get crunk on a Thursday Night when you have to work the next day..(2006.2.17)
The Shitty Quiz (Re-Post in your own journal if you like).(2006.2.16)
Well, an ethical dilemma has turned into a moo point..(2006.2.15)
I Learned Something Today.(2006.2.14)
The Valentine's Day Response /++/ Go see Hostel, or Suffocate Myself with a Pillow ....(2006.2.13)
Coolest Night Ever.(2006.2.12)
Psst, Don't Tell Anybody (I'm so stoned).(2006.2.11)
Fixing on Nap Number 3.(2006.2.10)
The Ongoing Saga of J.D. Taylor & The Fortress of Doom.(2006.2.9)
Please Auntie, tell me the one about the blowjob in the car again!.(2006.2.7)
18 beers later ....(2006.2.6)
Fuck Shannon Sharpe!!! ... "That was a very challenging challenge" ... Hi, I'm George W. Bush /++/ The Golden Years, Part 4.(2006.2.4)
Super Bowl XL Poem.(2006.2.3)
Bitcheous Assrammerous /++/ Public Service Announcement.(2006.2.2)
Operation: Get Behind The Darkies.(2006.2.1)
Steven A. Taylor's Academy Awards Brouhaha.(2006.1.31)
Maybe it was the week without masturbating that did me in /++/ The Yearly Tradition.(2006.1.30)
Tell Me Where'd You Hide.(2006.1.29)
The Golden Years, Part 2 /++/ The Golden Years, Part 3.(2006.1.27)
Steven Taylor's Day Off /++/ The Golden Years, Part 1.(2006.1.26)
Steven Taylor Was A Bullfrog /++/ The Sleepy, Sleepy Shakes /++/ The Voodoo Who-do-what-you-don't-dare-do People.(2006.1.24)
We're Going.(2006.1.23)
The Life & Crimes of Steven A. Taylor.(2006.1.21)
Published! And PAID This Time! /++/ This Thing Needs A Title?.(2006.1.19)
It's ALL Back Dated.(2006.1.18)
Social Decay.(2006.1.17)
Consider Me Miles Davis.(2006.1.16)
Let the Streets Flow With The Testosterone of the Non-Believers!!!!.(2006.1.15)
There Ain't No God When Steven A. Taylor's Walkin' The Earth.(2006.1.14)
Costa Rica Part 9 /++/ Costa Rica Part 10 /++/ Costa Rica Conclusion.(2006.1.12)
Costa Rica Part 8.(2006.1.10)
Costa Rica Part 7.(2006.1.6)
New Years Interlude /++/ Costa Rica Part 6.(2006.1.2)
Costa Rica Part 5 /++/ Costa Rica Part 5.2.(2006.1.1)
Costa Rica Part 4 /++/ Costa Rica Part 4.1.(2005.12.31)
Costa Rica Part 2 /++/ Costa Rica Part 3.(2005.12.30)
Costa Rica Part 1.(2005.12.26)
Steve's Holly Jolly Christmas Special.(2005.12.25)
At The Last Minute /++/ Farewell and Goodnight.(2005.12.15)
I'll Come Runnin' To You, Darlin' If You Want Me /++/ Home For The Holidays.(2005.12.13)
Can't Sleep.(2005.12.12)
Others Anonymous.(2005.12.9)
The 25-Sentence Post.(2005.12.8)
Want Some Peace of Mind, Here's A Piece of Mine.(2005.12.7)
Pearl Jam - Not For You Update /++/ The Employee of the Month sits at his desk, ready to start a routinely productive day..(2005.12.6)
In an ideal world, I'd be running every day & I'd have naked hooters dancing around my head.(2005.12.3)
Costa Rica Dreamin' ... On Such A Winter's Day.(2005.12.2)
I said, "Lou, there's a disease with your name written ALL OVER it".(2005.12.1)
11-29-05 /++/ Melody and Christmas, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.(2005.11.29)
A Miserable Demise.(2005.11.28)
Rantings of an Insecure Yob.(2005.11.26)
My Thanksgiving with the Rolly-Poly Squirrels /++/ And the Thanksgiving Fuck You.(2005.11.25)
I Really Shouldn't Be Awake Right Now /++/ Could it beeeeee ... SATAN?.(2005.11.23)
Stay Strapped, My Strong Black Friend.(2005.11.21)
It's A Possibility.(2005.11.20)
Anatomy of a Smartass.(2005.11.19)
Kiss My Grits.(2005.11.18)
All Right Cock Bag.(2005.11.17)
How the fuck these people live up here, I have no fucking clue!.(2005.11.15)
Beating Up On Drunken Irishmen.(2005.11.14)
White Like the Light, Never Like the Night /++/ Pretty Much The Sweetest Weekend On Record.(2005.11.13)
Nubbin, that's what I SAID!.(2005.11.12)
I LOVE the sound of Children Laughing /++/ Robin Hood and Little John are Walkin' Through the Forest.(2005.11.10)
Melody's dad called me "wimpy.".(2005.11.6)
People Call Me Tits McGee.(2005.11.4)
I Got 99 Bananas, but a Bitch Ain't One.(2005.11.2)
Tastes Like Lip Gloss & Alcohol.(2005.11.1)
4-West, It's My Destiny.(2005.10.30)
Doin' a Bit of Writing while I'm Doin' a Bit of Working.(2005.10.28)
Why Don't We Do It In The Road?.(2005.10.25)
Someday You Will Be Loved.(2005.10.15)
Don't stop, get it get it.(2005.10.13)
See Melody, we do eventually get around to talking about me ....(2005.10.11)
LiveJournal Away from LiveJournal.(2005.10.10)
Unkempt and Ill-Mannered.(2005.10.8)
The Konman Cometh.(2005.10.7)
None of your BEEZWAX, Ramona!.(2005.10.6)
Caffeine and Rage (Unofficially, 53 counts of the word "Fuck" ... make that 54).(2005.10.5)
Doofus McGee Swims in the Sea.(2005.10.3)
And the colored girls say,.(2005.10.2)
There's more to the picture than meets the eye.(2005.9.30)
We Don't Need No Thought Control.(2005.9.29)
Post 300.(2005.9.28)
I'm Not a Businessman, I'm a Business, Man: Too Much About Steven A. Taylor.(2005.9.24)
A Milestone on the Horizon.(2005.9.16)
It's a Long Hard Road Out of Hell.(2005.9.15)
Just Keep Truckin' On /++/ The Rebuttal.(2005.9.13)
Start Wearing Purple for Me Now.(2005.9.12)
Honeymoon in Vegas.(2005.9.11)
Random Thoughts and Wrapping Up (Disc 1) /++/ My Saga With Pearl Jam - Back to the Front (Disc 2).(2005.9.7)
What's with the sour persimmons, cousin?.(2005.9.6)
In The Mist /++/ The Movie Watchers (post 2 for today).(2005.8.31)
I Used To Be A Loser, Just Like You.(2005.8.28)
A Few Words From A Failed Writer.(2005.8.25)
I Got A Fever, and the only Perscription is More Unseemly Belly Flab!.(2005.8.23)
Only In Dreams.(2005.8.18)
If You're Bored Then You're Boring.(2005.8.17)
You Turn Around and Life's Passed You By.(2005.8.16)
Fishing For Compliments.(2005.8.15)
We're Not Enemies / We Just Disagree.(2005.8.14)
I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm ... WEIRD.(2005.8.10)
The Defender of Masculinity.(2005.8.8)
Let Your Freak Flag Fly.(2005.8.6)
I know what you're thinking, "Did he fire six shots or only five?".(2005.8.5)
August 18th at 3:00pm, I'll be a full-time _________ employee.(2005.8.4)
Bury the Tooth of the Hydra and a Skeleton Army Will Arise.(2005.8.3)
Modest Mouse: The Corporate Years.(2005.8.2)
You're fucking boring as a book.(2005.7.31)
The A-Side.(2005.7.26)
The B-Side.(2005.7.20)
Fuck everything that you stand for! Don't belong! Don't exist! Don't give a shit!.(2005.7.13)
It's only one line. All you gotta do is say, "I am waiting for a bus.".(2005.7.12)
This is the part of the job that I hate ....(2005.7.11)
The Chronicles of the Beekeeper Groupies and Other Tales of Redemption.(2005.7.10)
Number 25, with a BULLET.(2005.7.8)
The July 5th Post.(2005.7.6)
It's a message. It says, "Steven Taylor sleeps with the fishes.".(2005.7.5)
How about, "I'm A Dickhead"?.(2005.7.3)
Beautiful AND intelligent --- War is hell, Grandma.(2005.7.2)
Naci para perder en el mundo.(2005.6.30)
Riffs and Rhythms and Guitar Things!.(2005.6.29)
I think I need another eye exam.(2005.6.28)
Juan Knows These Things.(2005.6.27)
"We're gonna get french fries and onion rings and FUCK YOU, Steve!".(2005.6.26)
Toy Yoda.(2005.6.25)
Sweeter Than A Cherry Pie With Ready Whip Topping.(2005.6.24)
Absolutely Nothing's Changed /++/ Well, I still jerk off manually.(2005.6.23)
Such shit, such a shitty post.(2005.6.22)
I got the hippie hippie shakes.(2005.6.21)
Cherry 7up and Rum.(2005.6.19)
Show me a woman who isn't jealous of another woman, and I'll show you a man..(2005.6.17)
On a scale from 1 to 10, how old is Michael's boyfriend?.(2005.6.14)
THAT, is a Hello Kitty backpack!.(2005.6.13)
Party? What Party? I Don't Remember Any Party, Part II.(2005.6.12)
Party? What Party? I Don't Remember Any Party, Part I.(2005.6.11)
It's so fuckin' great to be alive, that's the theme of the show tonight /++/ Malfunktion.(2005.6.9)
And the award for gayest TV show theme song goes to ... FAMILY TIES!.(2005.6.8)
Urge to Kill Fading ... fading ... gone. /++/ Buzzer going off.(2005.6.6)
Urge to Kill Rising ... RISING!.(2005.6.5)
Dictated, But Not Read.(2005.6.3)
Corporate Accounts Payable, Nina speaking ... JUST a moment ....(2005.6.1)
Memorializing Memorial Day.(2005.5.30)
And you will never understand, what it feels to live your life, with no meaning or control.(2005.5.29)
Get the fuck outta town.(2005.5.28)
I want to know every thing, I want to be every where /++/ There's a girl who works at my Starbucks who has Sandy Cohen eyebrows. SUCH a turn-on.(2005.5.27)
I sneeze and hits come out.(2005.5.25)
Newsradio DVD tomorrow.(2005.5.23)
Yo SWEETNESS.(2005.5.22)
What did one prick say to the other prick?.(2005.5.21)
Raging Chihuahuas Update 4 - Oh Bother.(2005.5.19)
You wanna play? I'll play with you; I'm gonna play hard too.(2005.5.17)
I Believe You Have My Stapler.(2005.5.16)
I imagined chopping your head off with a machete /++/ Why 1989 Was THE Year /++/ Man, You Really Freak Me Out.(2005.5.15)
Read My Writing On The Wall / No One's Here To Catch Me When I Fall.(2005.5.14)
Raging Chihuahuas Update 3 - Area: Pi /++/ I can't believe Celine Dion covered AC/DC's "You Shook Me (All Night Long)".(2005.5.13)
Nice guy, I don't give a shit. Good father, fuck you. Go home and play with your kids.(2005.5.11)
OK, a simple Wrong would've done just fine, but ....(2005.5.10)
Hellooooooooo Nurse!.(2005.5.9)
Ankle Bracelet Boy.(2005.5.7)
Poison to my rotten core; Too fucked up to care anymore.(2005.5.6)
His posture's in rebellion with his height /++/ Raging Chihuahuas Update 2 - The Follies.(2005.5.5)
Because there's so much drama in the LBC, it's kinda hard bein' Snoop D-O-Double-G.(2005.5.3)
Humpyhead Rides Again.(2005.5.2)
... and somewhere children shout; But there is no joy in Mudville ....(2005.4.30)
Trust me ... I know what I'm doing /++/ Raging Chihuahuas Update.(2005.4.28)
Oh BILLY!.(2005.4.27)
No comment. Really, no comment..(2005.4.25)
I'm not living, I'm just killing time.(2005.4.24)
Well, I don't want to blame it ALL on 9-11, but ....(2005.4.23)
Apathy or Malaise?.(2005.4.22)
M-E-L, O-D-Y, M-O-U-S-E.(2005.4.20)
and not even have the God damn common courtesy to give him a reach-around.(2005.4.19)
OK, Love, but I've got to tell you, Love, that this aggression, Love, really won't stand, Love.(2005.4.17)
I hate my stupid psychotic brain!.(2005.4.16)
I haven't slept for ten days because that'd be too long..(2005.4.15)
A post that doesn't go anywhere ::: A bunch of random thoughts.(2005.4.14)
Do you see? DO YOU SEE?.(2005.4.13)
Boy, I am famished. I wonder what I've got to eat ....(2005.4.11)
You'll never fail like common people.(2005.4.10)
My car's broken down, can you give me fifty cents for some gas?.(2005.4.8)
Disjointed? That's the Way I Roll! /++/ Ask if there's a Waste of Fucking Life named Steve there.(2005.4.7)
God DAMN, that's a big fat ass!.(2005.4.6)
DVD burner this weekend, courtesy of Peteman. And, it's MOOPS, Pete. Mrs. Moops Dole..(2005.4.4)
Money, Cash, Hoes. Moneycashhoes. WHAT?.(2005.4.3)
Transcending The Bullshit Redux.(2005.4.2)
Saturday DOES have the word Turd in it. /++/ Dragon whips his tail.(2005.3.31)
It won't give up, it wants me dead, and God-damn this voice inside my head.(2005.3.29)
I want a girl who laughs for no one else.(2005.3.28)
Pat O'Brien is the Sexiest Man Alive.(2005.3.26)
I just came back today, I just came back from the storm.(2005.3.25)
When he pulled the gun from his pocket ....(2005.3.24)
That is what the elves call, "Justice of the Unicorn".(2005.3.22)
No, not my BRIEFCASE!!!.(2005.3.21)
I imagine giving birth is like taking a real hard pee.(2005.3.20)
On a cold March 18th morning in 1981; 12:49 in the AM, my mother squeezed me out of her vagina.(2005.3.18)
Miss Congeniality 2 can suck my fucking DICK (God, I want to see it so MUCH).(2005.3.17)
I swear to God I'm going to pistol-whip the next guy who says, "Shenanigans.".(2005.3.16)
Renton Rottencrotch.(2005.3.15)
Iain! Earmuffs!.(2005.3.14)
JEWS ... play stupid games / JEWS ... that's why they're ....(2005.3.11)
He's ALL RIGHT.(2005.3.10)
I'm only just a Man of Steel.(2005.3.9)
Musings of a Weed-Smoking Poet.(2005.3.7)
Oh, I'm DEFINITELY fucked up right now /++/ Pinky And The Steve.(2005.3.6)
I Fear The Lund.(2005.3.5)
Sometimes I hear death knockin' at my front do'.(2005.3.4)
This title sucks, but I REALLY have to pee.(2005.3.3)
Holy dog shit. Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy..(2005.3.2)
Things I need to do before I die.(2005.3.1)
To All The Skeptics.(2005.2.28)
Dinner with My Grandmother, Any Takers?.(2005.2.27)
You Are Crime, THE HIVES Are Law!!!!.(2005.2.26)
You Are Crime.(2005.2.25)
Formatting my MP3 player, maybe this'll learn me not to drop it again.(2005.2.24)
It's like the worst movie ever made.(2005.2.23)
Post is Done, Time for Weed.(2005.2.21)
So, I made it home ... alive and paranoid..(2005.2.21)
It's Only Teenage Whistling ... Wasteland.(2005.2.20)
Say it loud ... I'm black and I'm proud!.(2005.2.19)
I've got one hand in my pocket ... and the other's choking a dead hooker.(2005.2.16)
Valentine's Day Bitch Session.(2005.2.14)
The Great Prediction Post of 2005.(2005.2.9)
And my, and my, and my, and my, and my, and my, and my, and my, MY HEART IS SLOWLY DRIED UP!.(2005.2.8)
The One That Got Away.(2005.2.6)
This is that fresh, that fresh feeling.(2005.2.4)
Oh, my beloved Arriba Burrito! How I miss you so!.(2005.2.3)
... And they're farming babies / While the slaves are working ....(2005.2.1)
Derek and the Dominos - Layla.(2005.1.31)
There's Something About Juliana.(2005.1.30)
Tampico and Tampax.(2005.1.28)
What, Me Internet?.(2005.1.27)
Last Nite, She Said.(2005.1.15)
(Running Playlist).(2005.1.13)
That's funny, a fly marrying a bumblebee. I TOLD YOU I'D SHOOT, BUT YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME!.(2005.1.13)
I crapped THREE TIMES at work today. I guess Jesus got my letters..(2005.1.11)
Robin, Pennsylvania, 30 miles south of Pittsburgh.(2005.1.8)
Kiss this, kiss that, yeah.(2005.1.6)
Auld Lang Syne.(2005.1.3)
Someone stole Santa? That does NOT ROCK!.(2004.12.29)
I think ... yeah, I just had my first period..(2004.12.28)
What I Learned Over My Christmas Vacation.(2004.12.25)
Christmas Eve Drunken Post.(2004.12.24)
The Holiday Edition.(2004.12.24)
Cram it up your cram hole!.(2004.12.19)
A Donation Has Been Made In Your Name For The Human Fund.(2004.12.16)
Question: Do you like penicillin on your pizza?.(2004.12.14)
Here's what's wrong with the Democrats..(2004.12.11)
Homosexually Macho or Pervertedly Unfocused. I can't decide.(2004.12.6)
She just laughed and said, "You're so funny.".(2004.12.5)
'Cause there's nothing else to do.(2004.12.4)
Stupid Spoiled Whore.(2004.12.1)
What's that strange thing you British play? -- Er, Cricket? Self-loathing?.(2004.11.30)
I am not a Gay American, nor am I a Power Bottom.(2004.11.26)
My list of things to be thankful for:.(2004.11.25)
Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?.(2004.11.23)
(Continued Debt Problems).(2004.11.21)
Kon really sucks at typing ... and I'M the one who's drunk right now!.(2004.11.21)
Pizza and Beer with Dad at the Bar tonight.(2004.11.20)
My proclivity for rampaging a joke into the ground has finally caught up to me..(2004.11.18)
The fireman is very magical. If you rub his helmet, he spits in your eye.(2004.11.17)
My new iPod-like bastard rip-off is on the way!.(2004.11.16)
BLOG is the most retarded word this side of RETARD.(2004.11.14)
I wanna make love to the live version of "Porch" on Pearl Jam's State College concert cd.(2004.11.11)
When I used to go out I'd know everyone I saw / Now I go out alone if I go out at all.(2004.11.7)
Hoes in different area codes.(2004.11.6)
Funeral at the OK Corral.(2004.11.4)
Oh Canada, my home and native land ....(2004.11.4)
Two; Two; Two Entries In ONE!.(2004.11.2)
(A Bad Day).(2004.10.29)
I'm a hyper hypo! I'm not supposta have chocolate. YOU'RE THE DEVIL!!!!!.(2004.10.27)
Yep, I'll be running these damn checks through November 12th..(2004.10.26)
USC - 38 UW - 0 ... FUCK!.(2004.10.24)
Why does it say "Paper Jam" when there is no paper jam???.(2004.10.23)
America, Fuck Yeah. Comin' again to save the motherfuckin' day, yeah. America, fuck yeah..(2004.10.21)
Tucker Carlson IS a dick!.(2004.10.19)
All right, who slipped me the Spanish Fly?. (2004.10.17)
Turd Rock From The Sun.(2004.10.13)
Is it Shitted Upon or Shat Upon.(2004.10.12)
Snoochie Boochies!.(2004.10.11)
Rodney Dangerfield died on Tuesday at 82. Funniest old man there's ever been..(2004.10.8)
If I were God that's what I'd do. Heavens no, Hell Yeah!.(2004.10.6)
(You A Winnah Ha-Ha-Ha).(2004.10.4)
Go Kansas Shitty Go!.(2004.10.4)
This town, this insufferable town ....(2004.10.3)
The Patterson Boys' Day of Fun.(2004.10.2)
You're Drunk Again! -- No, I'm just exhausted because I've been up all night drinkin'.(2004.9.30)
Jane, you ignorant slut!.(2004.9.29)
The whole truth and nothing but the Douche!.(2004.9.24)
Sleep Deprived, Nap Engulfed.(2004.9.23)
Here's something highly fucked up..(2004.9.21)
I've read so much incessant bitching over the last two days, I think I'm now a pro..(2004.9.17)
My sentiments exactly.(2004.9.17)
Stolen Idea from Michael's Journal (Why do I love these lists so?).(2004.9.14)
What's your name? -- Fuck you, that's my name..(2004.9.13)
A Dark Day for Backyard Baseball.(2004.9.11)
Any subject is okay. Like rape? ... "Like" rape, I LOVE it!.(2004.9.10)
Let's just say I stopped caring..(2004.9.10)
You know, another terrorist attack on U.S. soil days before the election would REALLY hit the spot..(2004.9.10)
Do you find me sadistic?.(2004.9.9)
He called the shit "poop!".(2004.9.8)
Pixies Rocking Ass.(2004.9.7)
It's a fact!.(2004.9.5)
The epitome of health as a trainer, hope this goes over well.(2004.9.2)
To Kill Everyone Is To Love Everyone.(2004.9.1)
My VMA Experience. I watched for 3 and a half hours so you wouldn't have to.(2004.8.30)
Right about now, pooping is the LAST thing on my mind.(2004.8.29)
Possibly the Most Exciting Game of Backyard Baseball EVER.(2004.8.28)
Wonders will never cease.(2004.8.27)
This is an open ad to anyone who's seen me naked ....(2004.8.23)
It's NOT gonna rain!.(2004.8.22)
(My Life In Photographs).(2004.8.19)
They don't call Happy Meals "Cancer Bags" so why do they call cigarettes "Cancer Sticks"?.(2004.8.18)
(Backyard Baseball Game Recap).(2004.8.17)
I was drunk when I typed out this joke. This is me correcting my misspellings.(2004.8.17)
A Reprise.(2004.8.15)
Cool people ... from BAINBRIDGE?.(2004.8.15)
Do I look like a BITCH? Then, why're you tryin' to fuck me like a bitch?.(2004.8.13)
Port Angeles, Take 2.(2004.8.11)
Hey, who invited "I'll Pay Tomorrow" Guy?.(2004.8.8)
Let's Not Start Sucking Each Other's Dicks Quite Yet.(2004.8.5)
(Some Kind Of Monster).(2004.8.3)
With karate I'll kick your ass, from here to right over there..(2004.8.3)
Taylor Family Camping Trip 2004.(2004.8.1)
When I try to explain it to people, I just tell 'em, I'm still holding out hope of becoming a priest.(2004.7.25)
All this and Andy Rooney, tonight on 60 Minutes.(2004.7.22)
Tonight we can be as one.(2004.7.20)
LiveJournal Poll for the Ladies.(2004.7.18)
Let me preface this by saying that our team DID win..(2004.7.18)
(Dark Tower Update).(2004.7.17)
Times I've RISEN to the Occasion, instead of simply shuffling over to it.(2004.7.16)
(Early Car & Debt Problems).(2004.7.15)
(Smart & Stupid).(2004.7.13)
Backyard Baseball Numbers (Intimidation Factor).(2004.7.12)
Some people say cucumbers taste better pickled. Huh? What?.(2004.7.10)
(Poem For Pete).(2004.7.7)
(Ocean Shores 4th).(2004.7.6)
Back Yard Baseball 2004.(2004.7.2)
What are you doing in Redmond?.(2004.6.30)
You know, it's never easy being the fat fucking kid..(2004.6.28)
(Bitching About Voting).(2004.6.27)
I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm a little drunk..(2004.6.25)
It's the last bucket ride to hell, and I'm on it..(2004.6.22)
You know we tried to reach you / But you were much to high.(2004.6.21)
Keep on pushin' my love / Over the Borderline.(2004.6.19)
This aggression will not stand!.(2004.6.17)
Happy 18th Mary Kate & Ashley! Welcome to Porn!.(2004.6.15)
Lotsa beer, Lotsa food, Lotsa Ass-Kicking at Darts by Yours Truly.(2004.6.14)
I am Kegger.(2004.6.11)
My son's name is Blanket Jackson. Yeah, well MY son's name is Jermajesty Jackson.(2004.6.10)
I am getting RAPED in the ass like you would not believe.(2004.6.8)
A Vito Sandwich.(2004.6.6)
"The Package" Part 1.(2004.6.5)
"The Package" Part 2.(2004.6.4)
Tentatively Titled: "The Package" Part 3 (of the Journal-Story I'm writing backwards, more to come).(2004.6.2)
Part 4 (of the Journal-Story I'm writing backwards, more to come).(2004.6.1)
Part 5 (of the Journal-Story I'm writing backwards, more to come).(2004.5.31)
President of Beers Vote 2004.(2004.5.30)
Can I be serious for just a moment? No? Well, all right then ....(2004.5.28)
And it's not even 1pm yet.(2004.5.27)
All right, WHO'S the dead man?.(2004.5.26)
Am I the biggest dickhole in the world? Yes or No: check the box..(2004.5.25)
Ring the bell, school's back in, sucka!.(2004.5.24)
Post One.(2004.5.23)